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How Bacteria in Your Home Can Affect Your Life

ByDavid DNov 25, 2023

Bacteria in homes can lead to respiratory, and digestive issues, skin infections, mood disturbances, and antibiotic resistance. Simple hygiene practices can help prevent these health problems and improve your home’s cleanliness. Home renovations, such as stainless steel kitchen countertops and…

Buying a House

Home Ownership 101: Things to Check Before Moving In

Home Ownership 101: Things to Check Before Moving In

ByDavid DJan 17, 2024

Homeownership is more than a dream for many; it’s a milestone. Recent studies show a steady increase in first-time buyers, making property purchases a top investment choice. But does snapping up a house guarantee smooth sailing? Not always. There’s a…

Improving Home’s Value

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Budget-Friendly Home Improvements That Are Often Overlooked

ByDavid DSep 23, 2023

Painting walls and updating lighting fixtures are cost-effective ways to revamp the home’s aesthetic appeal. Upgrading doors and appliances improves both the home’s functionality and its energy efficiency. A well-maintained garden can increase property value and provide a stress-relieving hobby.…

Gardening & Landscaping


Starting and Caring for a New Lawn

ByDavid DJan 24, 2020

You just bought a beautiful property in Utah. The house requires minor touches to get it to your standards. But outside is where the most work is needed, mainly the lawn. It needs to be cleared out and stripped naked…

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