3 Tips to Warm Up Your Home Without Burning Your Wallet This Winter

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There’s a lot to be excited about in winter, the holiday glee, the family gatherings, the snow-based activities. But if there’s one thing that homeowners aren’t looking forward to during the coldest weeks of the year, is how much more they need to spend in heating their home. This is due to your home heating system and appliances having to work harder and consume more energy to keep your house (and your family) warm and cozy.

Never Compromise on Home Heating

While one does have the option to lower the thermostat and ‘settle’ for a chilly/less-than-cozy temperature, you may end up making your family feel uncomfortably cold or even sick; which will cost you more than however much you’ll be saving by sacrificing your home heating during winter. Studies have shown that it’s not exactly the cold that’s making you sick, but the cold air makes it easier for the flu virus to multiply and spread.

Luckily, there’s no need for you to compromise; there are smart and economical tips you could follow to keep your house warm without having to burn your wallet this winter:

#1 Heating System Repair, Maintenance, and Tune-Up

Your heating system has to work double or triple-time during winter to keep your home and your family warm, and it can’t do its job effectively and cost-efficiently if it’s not well-maintained. As such, it’s highly recommended that you always have your heating system inspected and maintained each year, preferably before winter, to guarantee that it’s in working condition and uses electricity efficiently.

Scheduling your heating system’s maintenance or tune-up before winter also lowers the risk of it breaking down in the middle of winter — which could be very inconvenient. But if your home heating system’s constantly breaking down or is long overdue for a replacement, make sure that you give your local company in Park City Utah that offers furnace installation a call as soon as possible.

#2 Mission Insulation

Feets wearing socks by the fireplace

One way to prevent your home heating system from eating up too much energy to keep your house warm is to insulate it. Start by putting thick curtains on your windows that prevent heat loss due to hot air into contact with the cold glass window. Next up, make sure that every window is shut close and seal any cracks and gaps where cold wind can enter.

You should also pay attention to your doors’ weather-stripping, and replace them when needed so they can keep cold drafts from seeping into your home through the gaps. And, lastly, place and secure area rugs on the floor to prevent heat loss through the floor (which is common for tiled floors, or those that don’t have floor heating systems. And lastly, if you have a fireplace, install a chimney balloon to prevent hot air from escaping and also block the cold wind (as well as critters) from entering.

#3 Rearrange your Furniture

If you’ve fully insulated your home and even tuned-up your heating system, yet you still feel cold, then make sure that there isn’t any furniture near your radiator or vent that’s absorbing all the heat or blocking the flow of warm air. And speaking of warm airflow, you can use ceiling fans to help circulate heat throughout your home — remember, warm air rises, so a ceiling fan can help distribute the heat into your home instead of having it ‘trapped’ near the ceiling.

The Takeaway

The winter cold can do a number on your family’s health and well-being, which is why you need to prioritize home heating. So by following these tips, not only are you saving a lot of money in keeping your house warm, but you’re also ensuring the health and comfort of your family.

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