Basic Elements to Add to Your Contemporary Home Design

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Achieving a contemporary house design often requires assistance from interior designers and other house professionals. However, you don’t have to hire private contractors in Utah every time you plan to install additional elements. For example, if you only need to install new curtains rods, choose a new paint color, or add stylish wood burning stoves, you can do quick internet research about it.

Keep in mind that contemporary house design is almost synonymous to modern-styled houses. However, modern houses are solely built using modern style concepts while contemporary style is a mixture of various design elements influenced by both old and modern design techniques.

Basic Contemporary Design Guide

Learning the basics will help you find the perfect elements for your home’s contemporary style. Here are some rules you should follow.

  • Pick Neutral Colors – Black and white are common in contemporary homes. This provides property owners with the freedom to use bright and bold accents. For example, you can paint your doors and window frames with pastel colors. You can also opt for textures and patterned walls if you want.
  • Use Natural and Bright Lighting – Opt for huge, floor-to-ceiling windows. This allows natural light to pass through, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful view outdoors. For the lighting system, you can choose solar tubes or skylights to achieve brightly lit rooms during nighttime.
  • Go for Bare Flooring – You can choose among vinyl, wood, and tile flooring. But you need to make sure that it has a neutral and plain color. You can add colorful or patterned carpets and rugs if you want to improve the design on your floors.
  • Get Contemporary-Designed Furniture – Choose furniture pieces that are black and white in color. If not, you can purchase neutral-colored ones. Opt for upholstered furniture with minimal design and just decorate it with geometric-patterned pillows for added color and texture.

Simple Contemporary Elements

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Here are the basic elements to add to complete the contemporary look of your home.

  • Glass or Stone-Top Tables – Add an oversized glass or stone-top coffee table for your dining area. Make sure to get matching or contrasting chairs for each table for a clean and sleek look.
  • Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves – Aside from providing comfort during the cold season, these modern stoves can also improve the overall aesthetics of your home. They are now built with sleek designs that perfectly complement contemporary-styled properties.
  • Statement Artworks – Show your creativity by displaying statement artworks. Place them to add an added accent to a neutral living room or bedroom. You can also hang them on kitchen walls. Just make sure to limit the framed artworks to keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Huge Tapestries – If you’re not a fan of huge wall arts but you want to have a pop of color on your walls, you can get huge tapestries instead. These tapestries provide color and beauty, which improve the appearance of a plain wall, especially in the living or dining area.

Don’t be afraid of mixing different interior styles for your contemporary home. Bring out your creativity and achieve that sleek and sophisticated house design that you’ve always dreamed of.

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