Don’t Let The Cold Bother You: Home Improvement for the Winter Season

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The cold can be menacing at the start of fall. As you watch the leaves fall and enjoy your cup of pumpkin spice latte by the window, you feel something cold creep up your feet. It’s not a ghost; it’s just a draft. When winter finally arrives, you’re wrapped in its unforgiving, cold embrace.

Now, you might find yourself scrambling for every blanket, pairs of socks, memory quilts, and cardigans you can find to warm you up. Here’s an alternative: why not focus on home improvement? Here are some projects you can do to get ready for the upcoming season of chills.

Fill in the gaps

Sometimes, the home you have isn’t airtight. There might be gaps or small holes where the cold wind or, worse, critters might use to get in. Fill in the gaps to prevent the drafts from entering your house. Use caulks and sealants on small cracks and gaps to cover those holes. For large gaps that you can’t fill up now, just cover them with draft stoppers. This is useful especially if you have doors with high gaps underneath and you can’t buy a door sweep yet.

Add insulation

If you’re okay with heavy-duty handiwork, you can also add insulation in the ceilings and the walls. These products will help reduce and slow heat loss inside the home, keeping the rooms warmer longer even with the heater on.

Proper insulation allows for better energy savings because of the lesser need to warm every room. Heat will flow directly from the heated spaces to the adjacent unheated areas like attics, garages, and the basement.

Check for any heater issues

a woman beside her heater

Before the winter comes, make sure that your heater is in tip-top shape. Check its condition and performance for any possible issues and carry out any necessary repairs. Better yet, hire a heating repair specialist in Draper or wherever you are located to perform this. Keeping your furnace well-maintained ensures that it does its job throughout the winter season.

Get new doors if needed

This activity is both aesthetically and practically important. If your doors have been weathered by the elements for the longest time, they may not give the protection you need from the cold winter. And like mentioned earlier, your old doors could have high gaps below them. 

Get new doors to freshen up your home’s look and at the same time give yourself a sturdy and durable shield from the cold. . Another thing you can do is to install a storm door to further protect your home from the cold weather.

Keep roof and gutter well-maintained

Winter can be a heavy burden on your roof and gutters. Ice dams may form on your roof, which can seep inside and cause damage inside your home. You can install heating cables on your roof to melt snows or prevent ice dams. You can also install gutter guards to prevent debris or leaves from entering the gutters. There are also gutter-heating systems to prevent snowmelt from forming into frost again and flow down the gutter.

These simple home improvement tips can help you rest cozily during the cold fall and winter season. All you have to do now is sit back, enjoy your hot cocoa, and not let the cold bother you.

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