How to Make Your For-sale House Move-in Ready

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When it comes to moving into a new home, we all want the same thing: for the place to be clean and for it to have all the furniture, appliance, and amenities we need. Simply put, all we want to do is change the locks for our security, and that’s it. We want to be able to sleep on that bed the same night we moved in. We only want to slowly unpack our things in the next weeks, but we need everything to be in place for the most part.

You should be thinking along the same lines if you are on the other side of the fence (meaning, you’re the seller). How can you make sure that the new occupants will feel safe and comfortable once they move in? What do they need? What things are potential buyers looking for when they purchase a move-in-ready home?

Forget About Your Preferences

The first thing is this: forget about what you want. This is not about you. Think about what the average homeowner wants in a home. No one wants a home with dark red walls and gold furniture. At best, most people will feel comfortable living in neutral-colored surroundings. This means coloring your walls either with white, beige, or any other earth-toned colors. You should also forego accent walls and let the new homeowners decide on that.

Add Window Treatments

A home cannot be move-in ready if there are no window treatments. How can there be privacy in the home if there are no curtains, drapes, or blinds? People can easily see into the house when the windows are bare. The new homeowners will not get any privacy. Choose a window treatment that will work on the basic and neutral design of the home. You can go for modern-style roller shades because these look good no matter the theme or decorations.

Don’t Change the Locks

Don’t change the locks if you want the home to be move-in ready because the new homeowners will do that again anyway. Even if you do not have an intention to make copies of the keys, the new homeowners cannot take your word for it. This is a waste of time, money, and effort. Simply let the buyers know that it is up to them to change the locks or set a new passcode for the smart home system.

Start Decluttering Early

You cannot get a whole look at the house if it is full of clutter. Once you decide to put the house on the market, start cleaning up closets, throwing away things, and decluttering. You cannot get a full picture of the storage spaces when filled with pans, pots, old trinkets, and many more. Besides, you don’t want to leave things behind once you move out, while the new owners should be able to use all the space in the house that they are paying for.

Clean out the Garage

This is a huge task. You may want to call for reinforcements, either friends or professionals. The new owners will want to use that garage to park their cars or store their things. Make sure that the garage is ready for that purpose. While some new owners do let old owners use the garage or basement for a time until they can get things sorted out, don’t go down this route. Instead, make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone concerned.

Refresh Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Over the years, the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom might have lost their shine and luster. You can always have them looking more refreshed by removing stains and adding gloss. You might not have noticed it because you’ve been living in that house for so long, but the kitchen countertops have all the signs of neglect that new homeowners will have to deal with.

Be Accessible

You are not required to be present during the actual move, but you may want to be accessible to the new owners. Always offer to lend a hand or answer any questions they might have about the rooms and storage spaces. Let them know you’re a text or call away in case they have concerns about their new home.

Make the transition easy not only for you but for the new owners of your home. Remember that if you’re in their position, you would want the most convenient process of moving into your new home, too. A few and quick cleaning tasks will make the home ready for a new family.

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