How Homeowners are Spicing Up Their Curb Appeal in the Age of the Pandemic

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The pandemic served as an eye-opener to most homeowners. As more people are staying indoors, they get to see their houses in a different light. Homeowners are starting to regret not taking their home maintenance and repair more seriously. Others pay attention to projects that can help them make the house more comfortable and convenient. But for most homeowners, they are focusing on boosting their home’s curb appeal.

Selling your home soon may not be a part of your future plans. But boosting your curb appeal is a sure-fire way to increase its value and wow your neighbors. Here are some projects homeowners are investing in that you can consider adding to your list.

Garage Revamp

Some homeowners are transforming their garages into extra living space. Some turned this into their home gym, a home office, a craft room, or even a man cave. But instead of simply revamping the garage itself, make sure you also focus on the exterior of the garage.

For starters, take a closer look at any signs of garage door damage. Go for a garage door repair if there any visible dents, chipping paint, or malfunctions. But if the repair costs are about as high as replacing the garage door, then consider a replacement instead.

The same goes if you own a commercial building with a broken garage door. Your tenants will appreciate it if you keep your multifamily property secure by calling a reliable contractor to handle your commercial property’s garage door repair needs.

Landscaping and Lawn Care

Now that you have more time to tend to your lawn, start keeping u with your lawn care. You can enjoy a healthy lawn if you choose to mow high. Mowing your grass too short will only damage your lawn.

If you don’t have your own lawnmower, you can choose to borrow one from your good old neighbors. You can also use lawn care as your next workout regimen. If you want to burn more calories by doing lawn care, opt for the push mower instead.

Aside from tending to your lawn, it is also a good idea to pamper your yard and do a bit of landscaping. If you have kids, then you can choose a landscape your kids can easily play around without hurting themselves.

Consider your family’s needs and how you want to use the landscape. If you intend on using this area to chill and relax during lazy afternoons, consider adding a few outdoor furniture pieces. If not, then create a focal point to give your eyes something to enjoy looking at every time you see your yard.

Power Washing

Got a pressure washer lying around in your garage? Or may our neighbor or a nearby relative have one in their shed? Then consider tapping on your connections and start power washing your home’s exterior.

Know that your garbage bins, deck, driveway, and outdoor furniture are not the only things You can safely power wash your pool, your kid’s playground, their toys, your rugs, porch, garbage bins, wooden fence, outdoor equipment, etc. For your home’s outdoor space, pressure wash your driveway, home siding, roof, deck, outdoor steps, porch, and outdoor cushions.

All the areas mentioned are prone to dust, dirt, grime, mold, algae, and debris. A pressure washer can instantly transform these areas and make them look sparkly clean. Don’t forget to start slow and to use soap.

Porch Makeover

beautiful porch

Give your porch a little love by giving it a makeover after power washing it. Include this area in your painting project and have fun with your color scheme. Give it a bit of personality by investing in a set of new comfortable outdoor furniture, a cute rug, and some funky outdoor throw pillows.

Add a bit of low-cost lighting to the porch to give it that cozy and rustic look. A couple of native plants is a great way to add life to this area. You can also consider adding a ceiling fan to keep the area cool during the hot days.

Exterior Painting

Is your home’s paint now chipping? Maybe its color already faded away? Even if you only feel like updating your home’s exterior paint color, these are all good reasons to give your home a new shade.

Exterior paint helps protect your home against natural elements like the harsh sunlight, water damage, strong winds, and even dust and insects. A quality paint job is an easy way to revamp your home’s curb appeal and give it a nice updated look. If you think painting your home’s exterior is something you can’t DIY, you can always hire a local painter to do the job for you.

Do consider the environment when painting the house. Choose a high-quality paint that is low or has no Volatile Organic Compounds. There is no point in saving on a couple of cans of paint if these won’t last for a long time.

Boosting your property’s curb appeal is a great way to spend your extra free time during the pandemic. This allows you to improve the value of the house and impress neighbors with your home’s beautiful outdoor look. You can also enjoy that feeling of satisfaction knowing you did a good job of improving your investment.

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