How Not to Sell a House, According to Modern Family

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The worldwide workforce and several businesses and industries have been affected by the global health crisis. The real estate industry, on the other hand, seems not so fazed by the current situation. It is believed that the real estate industry continues to thrive despite the pandemic. This is good news for those in the real estate field.

Are you a real estate agent? What is your strategy in selling homes to interested families? Take it from Phil Dunphy of the hit TV series Modern Family, who has had his share of ups and downs in the real estate industry. Looking closely, there are several things to learn from Dunphy’s real estate experience.

Besides hiring a general contractor for needed repairs and renovation before selling a home, here are tips on what not to do when selling real estate, according to Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy.

How Not to Sell a House, According to Modern Family

Despite the ongoing pandemic, there are common mistakes that real estate agents could avoid to make more sales, especially during this time. Let’s learn from Phil Dunphy and the lessons he has learned throughout his real estate career.

In one of the episodes of Modern Family, Phil tried to sell a house that he was not familiar with. He had zero knowledge of the house’s layout, that he could not sell the property he had wanted to sell.

Another error in real estate that Phil was guilty of was when Phil let his emotions get in the way of a sale. He allowed his personal feelings to affect his relationship with his client, which eventually left a bad impression.

In one episode called “Red Alert,” it was evident that Phil had insomnia. Despite this condition, he pushed through with his projects, but he seemed groggy and tired throughout.

While Modern Family is a comedy family series, it also offers insights on career and family life. Though Phil had his share of real estate mistakes, he also had a few wins throughout his career. So how should one, indeed, sell real estate, especially during this pandemic?

The Right Way of Selling Properties

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As mentioned, the real estate industry seems to be doing okay despite the global health crisis. People continue to buy and sell homes because there is still a need for a fresh place to stay. As a real estate agent, what are some tips you can follow to sell efficiently during this time?

There are some secrets on how even young real estate agents can succeed in their careers.

You don’t always have to go the hard sell way. When selling a property, you can focus on being more of a consultant than a pushy salesperson whose only aim is to get a commission. Be an approachable consultant who tries to get to know the clients’ needs instead of merely suggesting the so-called best deal that will only benefit the agent.

In line with this, as a real estate agent, you could try to think like a small business. Invest in client relationships because this could go a long way in your career. Doing so means you will be working towards long-term goals, and these goals also include learning more about what you can do to market your business.

If you are trying to improve your marketing strategy, look into getting a good photography service for the properties you sell. Don’t skimp on listing photos because buyers will be relying on these visuals before they decide if they want to physically view your given property or not.

When selling properties, you should always disclose any major problems that the property might have. This is another big mistake that you should avoid when selling properties. Hiding these problems can only break your good ties with the client as they can lose their trust toward you.

These pieces of advice serve as a guide and a refresher to your real estate career. Whether you are in your early years in the industry or are already a seasoned agent. You need to remember that the clients should trust you for you to make a successful sale.

Selling real estate during this time seems to remain a booming business. A real estate agent needs to work on client relationships and marketing strategies regarding their venture to push themselves forward to a brighter future ahead.

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