How the Experts do Sewer Line Repairs

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When your toilet gets clogged up or the sink starts draining slower, you know it’s time to call a plumber. They’re like the MacGyver of sewer line repairs, fixing stuff you didn’t even know could break. Once they’re onsite, plumbers figure out what’s causing the problem.

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Is it a pesky tree root invading your pipes? Or maybe there’s a big clog that needs busting. Whatever it is, these pros come equipped with high-tech gadgets like cameras. This equipment comes with long, snaky cables, so they send it down into the depths of your sewer lines to scope out the issue. Once the professionals pinpoint the problem, it’s go-time.

These experts know all the tricks of the trade. They might use a powerful hydro-jetting machine to blast away blockages with high-pressure water. Or they might whip out their trusty trenchless technology. It becomes easier to fix pipes without tearing up your whole yard.

In some cases, plumbers fix broken pipes under concrete floors. They do so without needing to jackhammer the floor. Next, the plumber cleans out the pipe to remove any junk. Then, they take a polyester sock and put a special hardening goo on it. The sock gets stuffed down the pipe and filled up with air.

Once it’s down there, the goo hardens, forming a brand-new pipe inside the old one. After the new pipe hardens, the plumber removes the old broken pipe. They check the new pipe with the special camera again to see if it’s smooth and fixed. If everything looks good, the pipe is ready for use.


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