How to Boost Curb Appeal When You’re Lazy to Landscape

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Landscapes and gardening have plenty of benefits for our home and well-being. But not everyone has the budget, time, or energy for them. Some may complain about lacking a green thumb, while others may be able to afford it but are simply too lazy to maintain an expertly-designed landscape garden.

That’s why you’ve stumbled at the right place. As much as a beautiful garden captivates us, we lazy folks just can’t be bothered to water plants or trim shrubs. Even if we don’t leave the house because we work from home, our job still takes most of our day, leaving us too tired to do anything taxing in the evening.

Besides, our laziness doesn’t have to compromise our curb appeal. If you think a landscape garden is the only solution to a bland curb, these quicker and cheaper tricks will blow your mind:

1. Use Beautiful Gates and Fences

Gates and fences are highly versatile and functional. They’re available in a multitude of styles and materials, from the classic wooden picket to contemporary metal fences and gates. If security is your main priority, sticking to metal types may be the best, as they’re the most durable.

2. Paint Your Front Door

If you want to divert your neighbors’ attention away from your bare yard, paint your front door a striking color. This simple trick alone can already revive an old and unappealing home. But make sure to pick a color that though striking, still matches the overall palette of your exteriors. Don’t forget to prep your door well before painting because skipping the primer may cause the new paint to peel off or fade fast.

3. Throw Away Junk

Typical homes have their garbage bins in front, posing as an eyesore. If your yard is already lacking blooms and lush greenery, then an exposed garbage bin ruins it more, so keep it out of sight. While at it, get rid of the other junk as well, such as weeds, dead branches, random scraps, unruly hoses, and your old belongings. If you have nowhere to transfer your clutter into, build or purchase a shed, or send the mess to a recycling facility.

4. Stick to Low-maintenance Plants

Just because garden upkeep is bothersome means that you should totally banish the idea of raising some plants. After all, a bare yard is desperately calling for some color and life. Choose low-maintenance varieties to make gardening more manageable. Succulents and air plants are popular low-maintenance picks, but if you’re willing to take a step further, consider hostas, daylilies, creeping thymes, peppermint, and peonies. They’re just a few of your many options, so visit your local garden to discover the rest.

4. Plant Trees

tree plantingTrees are another heaven-sent low-maintenance treasures. They add texture, character, and fruits to your yard. And on certain seasons, they may burst out colorful leaves. Just plant them and wait for them to grow, or purchase a potted one and keep them there for as long as possible. When it grows tall, all the upkeep it’ll require is periodical pruning.

5. Spruce Up Your Porch

If you have a porch, test out your design and decorating talent there. You don’t even have to splurge on new furniture. Simply installing curtains around it will accentuate the area, as if it’s an extension of your living spaces inside. Keep the surrounding areas clean for an extra kick of visual appeal.

6. Add Interesting Details

To make up for the absence of a landscape garden, use outdoor decorations that add a touch of elegance to your yard. A good example is a water feature, like a small stone waterfall. If that’s a bit too high-maintenance for you, consider garden lights or a garden structure. Outdoor furniture will also work great, such as a swing, picnic tables and chairs, or a patio set.

7. Install New Window Shutters

You can DIY your window shutters. If you’re into the rustic aesthetic, opt for reclaimed wood as your new shutters. The enhancement will instantly give your home a new and more interesting vibe.

8. Plant Evergreen Shrubs

If your curb still looks bland after all these improvements, this is your sign of giving shrubs a shot. Luckily for you, there are evergreen varieties that don’t require over-the-top trimming. Plant them by your fences, along your porch, and everywhere else you’d like. Evergreen shrubs look fresh all year-round, so don’t worry about the snow ruining them.

With these quick and easy tricks up your sleeve, your bare yard will never look dull again. And the best thing about it is that you barely have to move to keep them neat. The biggest effort you’d exert is probably to mow the lawn, but even that can be automated, so consider yourself potentially spared from the trouble.

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