How to Care for Your New Custom Iron Door

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If you have a custom iron door, you will want to keep it clean. In this YouTube video, viewers get tips about properly cleaning an iron door. Home care experts recommend the use of dishwashing liquid.

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To use it properly, you need a solution of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in five gallons of warm water. When you are washing, wipe the bars from top to bottom.

Once the iron is washed, it should be dried with a soft towel. Although iron is hard, the homeowner shouldn’t scrub it vigorously. Home care experts warn homeowners against the danger of hosing down iron doors. A hose would place too much water pressure on the iron.

It’s also essential for the iron to be dried quickly to prevent rust. Make certain all creases are washed and dried. If the homeowner sees rust on the door, they should wipe the iron with sandpaper and then wipe it afterward. If any of the dark surfaces of the iron lack pigment, the door surface should be touched up with paint.

Regular cleaning and drying will keep the door looking good. You should apply a rust inhibitor to the door to prevent rust from forming between cleanings. To keep the doors in working order, the homeowner must use a lubricant intended for use with metals.

Apply a rust inhibitor.

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