How to Install a Whole House Water System Filter

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Before you install a local whole house water system filter, you should shut off the water supply. From there, you can locate a good place to put the filter. Having two shut-off valves is ideal when you have a whole house water filter, so you may need a plumber to help make this happen.

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According to the video “How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter | This Old House,” you’ll need two types of filters for this job: a pleated one to filter out dirt or rust and a cartridge that does that in addition to filtering chlorine for city water supplies.

Next, mount a bracket after installing the fittings. After that, you can use a hack saw to cut through the pipe that connects to the water supply and mount your filter to the wall as long as the water is still shut off. From there, you’ll want to use pipes to connect the water filter to the water supply. After that, you’ll attach the valve to shut it on and off. Finally, you can turn your water back on and test it. If this seems too complicated, you can hire a plumber or water filter installation specialist to do the job. Although that might be more expensive, it can save you a major headache.

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