How to Live in Harmony with Your In-laws

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In some cultures, living with extended family is a tradition, a way of life. Living with in-laws is always a challenge, no matter what the circumstances are. It is easy to get annoyed by the little things when you’re living in such close quarters. When you see each other every day, the little things can get magnified. But you can always deal with this situation with grace, poise, and understanding.

Set Some Boundaries

Talk to your husband before hiring a moving company in Marietta, Georgia and moving your things to your in-laws’. Make sure to set some boundaries. It is important to discuss who will take the garbage out and who will wash the dishes. There should also be a schedule on who will make dinner. Take turns with the household chores so that no one feels that the burden is on their shoulders alone.

Be Private

When there are problems in your marital relationship, make sure to talk about it in private. Don’t let others hear you arguing. Commit that your relationship will remain private even if you’re sharing a home with your in-laws. There should be private areas for everyone in the house. Even your in-laws will crave privacy. They surely don’t want to hear about your arguments, either.

Make your bedroom off-limits to everyone in the house—except for emergency cases. You need to be intimate with your partner. You need assurance that no one’s going to barge in on you two.

Don’t Take Sides

with the family

Parents tend to be controlling even if their kids are grown-ups. If your spouse gets into an argument with their parents, let them be. Don’t take sides, and leave the room. Let them hash it out. Do not argue or even attempt to mediate. They will eventually forgive each other and forget about what has happened. If you take your spouse’s side (for obvious reasons), your in-laws might never let you off the hook.

Pick Your Battles

Don’t argue with your in-laws. It’s one of the ways to start building resentment in the family. Learn how to pick your battles. You don’t need to argue on every single thing. You can let some things pass. However, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, too. You need to speak up if you think that your privacy is being violated.

For example, your mother-in-law keeps entering the bedroom unannounced. You can ask her to knock next time. If your brother-in-law doesn’t pay their share of the bills, you can demand that they give their share every month.

Share the Bills

Money is the root of all evil, even in families. How many families have been torn apart because of money? Before moving in, make sure to talk with your in-laws about splitting the bill. If you are making more than them, you can shoulder the bigger chunk of the bills. But they need to pay their dues, too.

Living with your in-laws doesn’t have to be a nightmare. So long as there are respect and consideration, you should be fine. Also, it will help if you can take time off for yourself every week. Going out and meeting with friends will rejuvenate and put you in a better mood.

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