Garage Improvements that Increase Your Property’s Value

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A garage is one of the most overlooked parts of a house. Typically, buyers would pay attention to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and gardens when looking at a property. Garages are often regarded as just a “room for cars.” Of course, that’s the real purpose of a garage, but a homeowner can do some things to a garage that could significantly increase their property’s value.

Here are a few weekend projects that homeowners can do to improve their garage that ultimately adds value to their property:

  1. Have a functional garage door installed

If you’re constantly bugged by a garage door that doesn’t work well, and you always need to call in for garage door repair services, perhaps you might want to consider replacing your existing door with a fully functioning one. This way, you no longer have to deal with broken garage doors.

  1. Add windows and a walk-through door

Most garages are stuffy because they are too enclosed with not enough access for natural lighting and ventilation. Adding a few windows on one of your garage walls and even a walk-through door will help address this concern. Installing this allows sunlight to come in throughout the day. You can even open the windows whenever you’re getting some work done inside. This lets fresh air in and bad air out, which helps reduce unpleasant odor inside.

  1. Put some more power outlets

A couple of power outlets inside a garage is not enough, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to get a lot of things and projects done in your garage. Adding a few more outlets in the garage will help make it more functional as a workshop.

  1. Give your flooring an epoxy treatment

One thing that makes garages a pain to maintain is that they just seem to gather dust very fast. The best way to deal with this is to coat your garage floor with epoxy. Not only does an epoxy finish make it easier to clean garage floors, but they give it an extra shine that makes it attractive to potential buyers.

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  1. Add insulation and more vents

If you’re living in an area where you experience extreme heat or cold, insulating the garage is one of the best things you can ever do for your house. This allows you to somehow control the weather inside to protect yourself and your car. Ventilating the place will also help keep carbon monoxide from getting into your home.

  1. Build a loft

Installing a loft in your garage will prove beneficial for you as a homeowner. One, you’re creating additional storage space in your garage’s ceiling. Two, you have extra space to convert into an office or small quarters. Doing this allows you to still use the garage to park your cars and have an extra workshop or office space.

  1. Get organized with smart storage solutions

While a garage’s primary function is to house cars, most homeowners use it as storage space for their junk and clutter. Without a good storage solution, you will be greeted by a mess whenever you go into your garage. Get organized and install storage solutions to keep your garage neat and tidy.

  1. Automate with a smart garage door opener

Technology has been advancing exponentially in so many ways that it’s finding its way into our homes. Home automation is a big thing now among homeowners. Smart gadgets and devices make life a lot easier for homeowners. Installing a smart garage door opener adds to their convenience and comfort.

  1. Install a mini-garage bar

A mini-bar in a garage isn’t a bad idea, especially if you’re the type who likes to hang out in your garage. Making room in the corner of your garage for a mini-bar adds some character to it and makes Friday nights and happy hours a lot cheaper than going to the bar.

  1. Install pegboards and shelves

What makes a garage appealing to buyers is how neat and organized it is. Even if you’re not looking to sell your property, putting up a few pegboards and wall-mounted shelves makes your garage clutter-free. And without clutter lying around, the risks of accidents inside your garage are brought significantly lower.

Bonus: Don’t convert it into any other space

A lot of people nowadays like to convert their garages into another functional room. If you have other uses in mind for your garage, don’t make the changes permanent. Making permanent changes to your garage that takes away from its primary function of housing a car might not sit well with potential buyers. They may not share the same vision, so keeping your garage as a garage is definitely for the best.

Working on garage improvements will not only increase your property’s value, but it can also make your life a lot easier if your garage is well-maintained, tidy, and orderly.

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