Selling Properties: Different Ways to Increase Property Value at Different Price Points

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Millions of homeowners sell their property every year. However, only a very few get the best prices for their homes. The average price for suburban homes is about $400,000, but if you’re smart and crafty enough, you can get a lot more than the average price. Some suburban homes double their value through various means. If you’re looking to increase your property value, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ways you can drive your property value up and easily sell your property in the market.

Low or No Spending Required

In most situations, you want to spend very little on improving property value. Here are some easy ways to get a couple of hundred dollars added to your property value by spending minimal funds on them.


A cleaner property is more likely to sell than a dirty one. This is essential, especially if you’re planning to stage your property. Every time you get a client, ensure that your property is clean and presentable. It doesn’t increase your property value by much, but it will make it look more attractive to buyers.


If your property is old and is suffering from colors way back in the 90s, it’s time to repaint it. Old paint designs in homes aren’t attractive to buyers. People want a more modern look. It doesn’t cost much to get a couple of buckets of paint and repaint your property. You can increase your property by a couple of hundred dollars by doing this. But remember that you’re not going to get much from it if you repaint an old property because it is essential to do so before putting it on the market.

Medium Spending

For this category, you’re going to spend a couple of hundred bucks on improving your property. This is where risk and reward start to increase as well. Try to find which one is the most essential for your property from these choices.



Adding new and modern tiling to your property is a low to medium investment that increases your property value depending on what kind of tiling you choose. This is one of the first things that buyers will recognize when inside a property. Cracks on the tiles and mold can decrease your property value. In contrast, a new and modern set of tiles can increase your property value by a couple of hundred dollars. It’s a worthwhile investment if you have the money for it.

Replacing Old Windows

Windows represent your property inside and out. Old and cracked windows can drastically reduce property value. Replacing these windows is essential if you want your potential buyers to spend more.

High Spending

These investments might be quite expensive. But trust us, they’re worth it. They are the definite choices if you want to increase your property value by a couple of thousand dollars.


Add-ons are a sure way to get your buyers to spend a lot more on your property. Many Americans are willing to spend a couple of thousand dollars for an extra carport. At the same time, some are willing to spend more on a property with a swimming pool or a deck. These add-ons can be quite expensive, but it’s a sure way to sell your property at a higher price point. It’s also considered to be a realty investment if you want your home to be sold fast.


Landscaping is expensive, especially if you never had it done in your yard. But a beautiful yard is something that every buyer wants in their suburban home. If you find your buyers to be mostly families, it’s in your best interest to get a landscaper to work on your property’s yard. Make it look as attractive as possible because families are more likely to spend more on this particular space in their yard.

Upgrade Your Appliances

As a property owner, you shouldn’t worry about your appliances when you’re putting your property on sale in the market. However, by upgrading old televisions, microwaves, and air conditioners, you can get a decent increase in property value. Furthermore, upgrading to a smart home can lead to potential buyers spending thousands of dollars more when buying property. This a highly suggested approach if you have the money you’re willing to invest in your property.

These are ways to increase your property value at different price points. Consider which one is the best for your budget. By following some of these suggestions, you’re making your property look more attractive in the market while also increasing its base price.

Lastly, remember to stage your property well. This will drive sales values off the roof with minimal spending. It’ll also help your potential buyers understand better why these upgrades lead to increased prices. This will make them purchase your property a lot faster.

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