It’s the Little Things That Matter: Preparing Your House for a Sale

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Homeowners who want to sell their house for a higher price would often go for certain improvements. These can include painting the walls, removing clutter, and staging the house. But more often than not, it is the little things we tend to ignore that become the most noticeable among serious buyers. Some are more forgiving than others for as long as your home meets their non-negotiables. But if you want to get the best possible offer from high-quality buyers, then it pays to prep your home as a real estate agent would.

More often than not, you don’t necessarily need to spend a considerable amount just to prepare the property for sale. If you have a little budget to work on, it only makes sense that you focus on the little things instead.

Check All Appliances and System in Your Home

You can skip home system and appliance replacement if you haven’t got the budget to do so. Instead, make sure everything included in the sale is working efficiently. Have the professionals check on your major systems and ask them to repair any broken appliances.

Make sure you have the warranties for everything ready. This will help the buyers understand just how dedicated you are to keeping the electronics in great shape. Keep these in a safe place where you can easily find them.

Don’t forget that you will need to be specific as to which items are included in the purchase price. Create your own list and show this to your real estate agent. They will then craft a listing agreement which you can sign.

Ensure the House Smells Fresh

When people live in a home for a long time, they become accustomed to the odors, even the bad ones. You cannot impress buyers if your home houses foul odors. They will think that if you are unable to get rid of the odors during their visit, they will have to endure the smell once they move in.

You want to neutralize the bad odors and make the house smell fresh on your open house. But you don’t want to empower their senses. If you try too hard to make a room smell good, they will think you are hiding something which can scare potential buyers away.

What you can do is to avoid cooking and eating meals inside the property after you list it in the market. Remove all items that smell, including dirty laundry, garbage, shoes, and even pets. If you have a mold or pest problem, have the professionals handle these for you to get rid of the problem.

Air out the windows at least an hour each day and at least 30 minutes before buyers come to check the property. If all these fail, and you already did everything on the list, you can consider hiring professional cleaners to help you sanitize the house. Sometimes, a deep clean is your best bet to a fresh-smelling home.

Make Your Curb Appeal Shine

house curb

The first picture buyers will be seeing is that of your home’s front view. You want to make a good first impression by ensuring your home looks good from the street. If you can’t impress passersby, then you will have a hard time selling the house.

Start with deep cleaning your front door, windows, walls, and even the gutters and roof of your home. Remove unnecessary clutter and add a few plants on the front if you can. If you have a fence, check the best way to make it look good and repaint your mailbox.

Be sure to depersonalize your outdoor living space. This means getting rid of those garden gnomes you have scattered in the front yard, those old wind chimes you have on the porch, or the Christmas lights hanging out front. Focus on improving the curb appeal.

Think About Your Windows

The eyes of every home are its windows. It is not enough that you have clean and well-insulated windows. You want to make sure these will also serve as an asset, especially during the sale.

Get rid of your tacky window treatments. You can find cheaper options for your home. You may not have the budget for motorized blinds, but you can go for roman shades or natural drapes instead.

Opt for window treatments that can introduce more natural light into your home. This will make the house more welcoming and will give buyers a sense of comfort. You want a window treatment that can still complement your interiors while still serving numerous functions.

The list shows that you can improve your property before selling this without needing a considerable amount of money for the preparations. You can simply focus on the projects that are cheaper but can attract the attention of buyers. You want to entice your buyer’s other senses, not just their sense of sight. If you can also nurture their sense of smell and feel, then you get to increase your chances of bidding on your listing.

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