Moving to California: What You Need to Know

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Your engineering career will take you further out west to Modesto. You will be working for a company that specializes in providing heating and cooling systems for homes like HVAC and geothermal heat pumps.

Born and raised in Nebraska, you’ve long wanted to move to the Golden State, and you are so ready to cheer for Steph Curry and Clay Thomson! Now you have the opportunity to experience what life is all about in the Land of Milk and Honey.

How do you prepare for this big move? How different is it to live in California compared to living in Nebraska? Here’s what you need to know:

The Gold Rush?

There might still be gold, but today it seems that fewer people are rushing to the Golden State. There are now more people moving out of El Dorado State than people moving in. In 2017, more than 661,000 people left the state, while just over 523,000 migrated from other US states. There’s a confluence of reasons for this. A couple of them are high taxes and rising housing costs.

Remember, however, that the state has 39 million residents, and the departures consist of a tiny percentage, which is roughly 0.35%. You will still be mingling with plenty of local originals.

What to Expect

Family moving in new home

You might find it comforting that Hawaii now sits at the top of the list of the most expensive states to live in. Lebron’s and Steph’s state is just in second place. Fewer houses are being erected, cumbersome regulations and just about everything else from eggs to gasoline could be more expensive. Here are a few more things that you should be ready for:

  1. Land for the foodie. This should be part of the official nickname of the state. The wonderful world of cuisine is thriving here. Italian and Chinese flairs would be boring norms. Have you ever tried Ethiopian or Burmese?  Expect these and many more.
  2. For the political animal. No state perhaps defines “direct democracy” better than this state. If you’re politically passionate about a cause and organized enough to gather the necessary signatures, you can put a question on the ballot. Ever wonder why medicinal marijuana is legal in the state? Google Proposition 215.
  3. One of the best educations. If you’re bringing your kids with you, then you’re looking at one of the best places in America to get an education.
  4. Habla Español? Do you speak Spanish? If yes, then this will be to your advantage. Learning the language allows you to expand your circle of friends.
  5. Time difference. It’s a three-hour difference from coast to coast. Prepare yourself with this reality. For some people, their behavior is affected. For example, national election trends in the east tend to affect the desire of people in the west to go out and vote.
  6. Easy trips. Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and even Mexico are easy to go to should you want a quick getaway. And within the state between north and south, there is so much difference and plenty of things to explore.
  7. Ah…the wine.  There’s nothing like crushed, fermented and well-aged grapes touching your palate. If you’re not into wine, that’s your loss. The wine region is a piece of paradise on Earth.

There’s plenty more to be excited about, but this initial list should get you going.

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