8 Must-Have Items Before Moving Into a New Home

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One of the most stressful parts of our life is moving into a new home. It is natural to be excited to move into your new place. It is more likely that you have already planned for your decors. But many new homeowners tend to forget to plan the process of moving their items from one place to another.

Ensuring that you moved all your essential items will allow your moving process to be as smooth as possible. Move-in days might be one of the best days when you face unexpected circumstances. Everything could be ruined, and it is more likely that you will lose track of everything, and you might even lose something on moving day.

Here’s a list of things that you should buy when you move into a new house:

Things To Have In A New Home

Cleaning supplies

It doesn’t matter if your new house has been empty for a long time, or it just became vacant recently. You will still discover that you will need to do a lot of cleaning to make your new home comfortable for you.

You will need a vacuum to clean the carpets. You will need a mop and a broom for tile floors and hardwood. Buy cleaning products that you actually love and trust because glass cleaning and dusting will eat up a lot of your time.

Do not forget to buy some hand soap along with cleaning supplies. Mostly, your new home won’t automatically have available hand soap.

Tool kit

Make sure to buy tools such as wrenches, pliers, measuring tape, hammers, and drills. These will be valuable to you during your moving day. When you move, you will probably install or fix some furniture. And some elbow grease and screwdrivers will do the job for you. You might also need a good drill for your window coverings.

Extra seats

People naturally love to sit down, especially when they are tired. That is why it is ideal to have a chair to sit on for each of your rooms.

If you have a large group of people helping you move into your new house, then you will really need extra seats for them. Place the seats in one of your shared rooms. Doing so will make everyone comfortable and able to rest during the moving in process.

Curtain and shower rod

For most people, the restroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the one private space where you could do ‘anything’ without worrying about anyone seeing you. Some people would even go as far as professional bathroom renovations to ensure that it’s a comfortable space for the family.

Similarly, it is more likely that your new house doesn’t have a curtain and rod rings inside the shower. So it is better to buy some new ones for you. You will also want a new and fresh one so you will feel comfortable using the shower in your new home.

Side tables and end tables

Giving people a place to sit in could be one of your priorities, but you should also provide a place for their stuff.

People sometimes prefer to put things down on a flat and stable surface rather than just putting them down on the floor.

You will use items such as plates, glass, and tools. And you would not want to walk around the house just to find a counter or table to put that item on. So it is a good idea to install foldable tables around the house, especially in the living room. Having access to tables can offer convenience and comfort, knowing that you will always have a place to put a particular item on.

Extension cords

On your first day, you will start to understand the layout of your home. And this is where you figure out where you can put your furniture and electronics around the house based on the location of the electrical outlets.

At first, you will try to figure out the best setup. But you would then want to use some extension cords for your router, appliances, lamps, and other items.



You probably need some ladder to reach the ceiling, overhead cabinets, and air vents. You may need different sizes of ladder or step tools depending on the number of stories in your house and your ceiling height.

Light bulbs and batteries

Most of the time, the house you will move into doesn’t have light bulbs or is already broken. So it is crucial to bring new light bulbs and batteries with you. You would not want to realize that the light bulb in your room is a dead bulb while you work in your home office and the sun sets down.

You might be a student who is now moving into your new dorm or house near your school. Or a new couple who wants to settle in. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. You will need this list of things to ensure a hassle-free moving-in day.

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