Office Design Upgrades for a Happier Workforce

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In the past, employees were only encouraged to remain independent and stay focused on their tasks. This is why workplaces in the past were comprised of individual cubicles that cut off constant communication among employees. Today, more and more companies are gearing toward a modern approach to designing the workplace. This provides an opportunity for the workforce to stay happy despite the work pressure and demands of their daily tasks.

Modern workplaces nowadays offer office features that aim to improve the workforce’s mood and well-being. Studies reveal that 75% of professionals feel appreciated whenever there are visible efforts to improve the design of their workplace. Employees tend to feel happier whenever they see office upgrades, like when their employers install sports equipment or shower cubicles.

The Workplace and Workforce

Office designs nowadays should not only focus on improving the overall aesthetics of the workplace. Employers should also consider prioritizing design upgrades and other installations that benefit their employees. Bear in mind that happier employees tend to provide better performance. Employees who feel valued also work for the company longer.

Office Design Ideas for a Happier Workforce

  • Allow Access to Natural Light—One way to improve employees’ moods and boost their creativity is to give them access to natural light. A study reveals that having access to natural light improves employee well-being as well as work performance. You can try installing floor-to-ceiling windows or provide windows that allow unobstructed view outdoors.
  • Build a Health and Wellness Corner—If you can, provide a healthy snack corner in your office. This will inspire your employees to start taking care of their health. This can reduce sick days, which means that your workforce will have more time performing their designated tasks.
  • Invest in Comfortable Office Furniture—Ergonomic chair and tables reduce strain and possible injuries, which might affect your employee’s productivity. Make sure to invest in durable but comfortable office furniture to ensure that your employees can work comfortably. You can also include stand-to-sit desks to help your employees take a break from sitting throughout their shift.

Office Interior

  • Paint Walls with Neutral and Complementary Colors—Work can make employees feel stressed and frustrated at times. To make sure that they don’t feel burnt out, you can try painting your office walls with calming colors. Natural colors, such as green and blue, can help them feel relaxed. But make sure to include a pop of bright colors. This stimulates their visual interest and helps them get back to working on their tasks.
  • Provide Additional Amenities—Adding spaces, where employees can spend time for a quick break, can significantly change the work environment for the better. Some modern offices include an on-site gym, shower cubicles, and even gaming areas. Allow them to access these areas for a few minutes each day after their shifts.

Office upgrades don’t always require huge investments. Small updates and renovations can still have a significant impact on the well-being of your workforce. Don’t forget to get input and design suggestions from your employees personally. Including them in the planning process can help you think about what types of upgrades you need for your company. Always focus on providing your employees with a few office perks to ensure that they remain happy, healthy, and productive.

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