Roof Care: Maintenance and Impact on Home Resale Value

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Most homeowners invest their time and energy toward keeping the ground clean. The roof is often largely ignored until problems start to crop up. However, the roof is one of the most critical elements of the house because it, alongside walls, protects the residents from rain or snow. More attention, therefore, should be given to the roof.

Depending on the material used, the roof can go several decades with minimal wear and tear. Homeowners may never have to replace their roofing within their lifetimes. Many experts rate the slate tile as the longest-lasting roofing material, with a life expectancy of 150 years or more.

But, although durable, care should be given to the roof. Otherwise, you are looking at expensive repairs and replacements or, worse, it can damage the rest of the house.

During the Rainy Season

More attention should be given to the roof when it starts to rain. Regardless of where in the world you are, there will come days when you have to rely on your roof for protection against rainfall. But rainfall can also be incredibly damaging to the roof.

No matter how durable the material is, no roof is waterproof. Homeowners can apply treatments to improve the roofing material’s resistance to moisture, but, over time, they can sustain damage, especially if not given ample care.

If the storm is powerful, your roof may lose shingles or tiles. It is also common for cracks to form, which would open the house up to leaks. When leaks happen, mold and mildew will form inside the house.

The simple act of forgetting to call roof cleaning services to clear debris that has accumulated can cause a major problem. Fall leaves that pile up on the roof can be carried by rainwater to the gutter and clog it. A clogged drain cannot do its job to carry water away from the house.

Instead, rainfall will pour down walls and pool around the foundation. This can weaken the integrity of the house. It can also bring water to the basement and cause pest infestations. Mosquitoes, in particular, breed in pools of standing water which can form when rainwater is not correctly diverted away from the house.

The Things That Grow

The roof can also be a place for things to start growing. In areas where the climate is warm and humid, homeowners may begin to notice black streaks on the roof. It is especially noticeable when the roofing material is light-colored.

The streaks are blue-green algae. It does not damage the roof, but it tends to age the house. It makes the exterior of the home look dirty. It is not difficult to clear. You can remove blue-green algae with a mix of 50 percent water and 50 percent bleach. Spray the mixture onto the streaks and then clean with water. Do not use power washers because the pressure will damage the roof itself.

On the other hand, moss grows in moist climates. Moss alone does not cause harm to the roof. It is when moss absorbs water that it becomes a problem. It becomes heavy, placing pressure on the roof that might cause the material to eventually break. Moss, when it spreads, can also enter spaces between shingles and tiles. It will lift the roofing material. This allows rainwater to leak into the house.

Homeowners can physically remove moss with a scrub brush. There are also moss cleaning chemical solutions that can be purchased from stores, but experts recommend using the least toxic product to avoid causing harm to the natural environment. A bleach solution can also be used to get rid of the moss.

Roof Condition and Resale Value

The condition of the roof can make or break a sale in the future. If you do not take care of it, potential buyers might walk away. Roofs are expensive to replace, so it is an essential factor that buyers consider before closing the sale. If the roof is in bad condition, it is also a red flag warning buyers that the property was not adequately maintained.

Minor flaws like the presence of algae may not be a huge problem. It can negatively impact the curb appeal, but it should not decrease the resale value by a lot.  However, cracks and leaks will make buyers reconsider. Moss, if it is pushing up shingles and tiles, will also be a disadvantage.

Caring for the roof should be part of every homeowner’s regular chore. It has an impact on the house’s ability to protect residents from environmental elements such as rainfall and sunrise. Moreover, when it breaks, repairs and replacements will be costly. In addition, if the house is put up for sale in the future, issues can decrease the property’s value.

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