Productivity at Home: How Design Impacts Stay-at-Home Workers

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If you work at home, ventilation and lighting make a tremendous difference to your level of productivity. After all, it might be difficult to type when you can’t see the keys on your laptop. Typographical errors might get in the way of what is supposed to be the free flow of your ideas. You don’t want to be cooped up somewhere cold and stuffy for the duration of your working hours.

What you can do is to find ways to make your home less homey but comfortable enough for you to work efficiently. Indoor solar shades, a functioning air condition or heater during intense temperatures, and a comfortable (but not too much!) seat may help. Here’s how such ordinary objects can impact the way you work:

Shades versus Curtains

Indoor solar shades and blinds are sleeker, thinner, and far more convenient than curtains. Curtains may take up a lot of space, and it is difficult to maintain them. They gather dust quite easily and need to be replaced often. Solar shades don’t have that problem. You can clean off the dirt with a piece of wet cloth. Also, the dust naturally falls out when you pull the string or move the blinds in solar shades. The overall effect is a more official-looking room that’s wide enough for you to move around and breathe, helping you concentrate on whatever you need to do.

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Temperature and Ventilation

You need a functioning heater during winter as much as you need a good-quality airconditioner. During ordinary days when it is neither too hot nor too cold, you can save the environment and sacrifice a bit, opening the windows to let air and sunlight in, as well as natural heat. However, when the weather is extreme, it is best to use the appropriate electrical appliances. They will keep you safe, warm, and ready to work. You don’t have any excuses not to accomplish several tasks.

Seats and Desks

Of course, chairs and desks are more conducive than sofas or beds. With the latter two, you will be more tempted to relax, doze off, or procrastinate. You will also end up associating beds and sofas with work instead of rest when you get the chance to rest. Just as you need a special place in your home to work, you need to set aside other areas for rest. That also means that you need to be strict about where to work and work only there. That is where your seat and desk come into play. You want to be comfortable but not too much. An adjustable swivel chair is recommended for work or a simple armchair if you’re going to save space. Your desk has to be simple and sturdy and not detachable and made of plastic. You might break it and your laptop, which is the nightmare of every stay-at-home employee.

Your working space has to be optimal for work. It means that it should be strictly off-limits outside working hours and the only area you should be in while working. Of course, you can take short walks and bathroom breaks, but it’s best to compartmentalize your life. You need to rest as much as you need to work, and boosting your productivity level will give you enough time to unwind.

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