Saltwater Pools: 5 Reasons You Should Go for this Option

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Chlorine pools have been the standard for many years, and saltwater pools have become a popular alternative. It should be your next choice if you plan on getting a new swimming pool at home.

Whether you’re planning on getting new gunite, fiberglass, or in-ground pools, a swimming pool contractor¬†will usually give you two options to choose from, which are building a saltwater or chlorine pool. So why go for saltwater? There are several reasons why, from cheaper maintenance costs to personal comfort, numerous pool owners find that saltwater pools fit their specific needs better.

To give you a better understanding of its concept, here are five reasons why you should choose a saltwater pool for your next swimming pool project.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Although chlorine pools tend to be cheaper upfront than its saltwater counterpart, chlorine swimming pools will cost you more in the long run. That’s because the maintenance of chlorine pools is more expensive as it uses pool chemicals to stay in optimal condition. In contrast, a saltwater pool usually only needs salt and a bit of chlorine, which is much less expensive. That’s why if money’s an essential factor for you, having a saltwater pool is better as its maintenance will only cost you around half as much as its chlorine counterpart over time.

It Contains Fewer Chemicals

Saltwater pools still require chemicals to keep its water clean, but only in trace amounts. That’s because a saltwater chlorinator filter system continuously converts salt into low levels of chlorine that helps maintain the water’s cleanliness, eliminating the need to add more chemicals, common in chlorinated pools. Since saltwater pools use a filter system, it creates chlorine naturally, saving you from the hassle of manually adding chlorine and the harsh smell that most artificially made chlorine emit.

Salt is also safe to handle and easy to store instead of chemical pool products, saving you from the worry of your pets or kids accidentally spilling or drinking the chemicals.

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Better for the Body and Clothing

Chlorine leaves behind a by-product called chloramines, responsible for eye irritation and pungent smell that most swimmers can’t handle. And since a saltwater pool only uses minimal amounts of chlorine than a chlorinated pool, it provides swimmers a safer and more fun experience. Saltwater swimming pools are also better for your body as the presence of salt can help soften your skin, remove toxins from your body, and promote healing.

Additionally, chlorinated pools can also do some considerable damage to your swimsuits because of the chemical products. Saltwater swimming pools contain fewer chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting ruined.

Cleaner Water

A saltwater pool uses a chlorinator filter system that prevents harmful chloramines from forming. This salt system provides you with cleaner water while preventing itchy skin, irritated eyes, and bleached swimsuits. It eliminates the hassle of adding chlorine tablets, allowing you to enjoy swimming in clean water without effort.


Since a saltwater pool only requires minimal amounts of chemicals, it saves you from the hassle of managing the water level to ensure its cleanliness, like with chlorinated pools.

Although saltwater pools tend to cost more upfront, it’ll pay for itself in no time, allowing you to save money, enjoy its numerous improved health benefits, and have a good time. So, the next time you plan on getting a new pool, go for saltwater.

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