Top 5 AC Problems and How to Fix Them

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The reporter delves into prevalent air conditioning repairs, offering practical remedies for common issues. The initial problem discussed involves a malfunctioning capacitor, causing the indoor fan to blow hot air while the outdoor unit remains inactive. Another frequently encountered issue is insufficient refrigerant levels, leading to the AC running without effectively cooling the house. Viewers are advised to attempt basic solutions, such as cleaning the condenser unit or replacing the filter, before considering professional assistance.

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Next, the reporter points out a frequently encountered problem—a clogged condensate drain leading to water leaks. Guidance is provided on inspecting the drain line for obstructions, and practical insights are shared for resolving this issue. By addressing these concerns promptly, viewers can enhance the efficiency and longevity of their air conditioning systems, ensuring a prompt fix.

Furthermore, the video delves into potential control board malfunctions, which can lead to erratic system behavior such as simultaneous operation of the furnace and AC or persistent fan motor issues. The reporter offers a troubleshooting guide equipped with a meter, emphasizing the significance of diagnosing the control board issues accurately. Lastly, the video highlights the possibility of a faulty condenser fan motor, providing insights into identifying symptoms and offering practical steps, including a demonstration on how to revive a stuck motor.

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