Understanding the Tools Used by a Water Restoration Service

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Water damage in your home is a horrible situation that no one wants to find. It can cause structural damage to your house, completely ruin keepsakes and mementos, and cause mold to grow that puts your family’s health in danger. A water restoration service is prepared to find the source of the water and help to fix it, while also drying out the affected area.

There are specialized tools these experts use to complete the job effectively and easily.

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These tools are reviewed in the embedded video so you can set proper expectations as a water restoration service comes to your home. These tools include a protimeter, laser measure, thermo-hydrometer, and water-proof booties.

The protimeter is an important tool because it shows exactly how wet any surface is. It reads moisture content and allows the technician to work in the right areas. Similarly, a thermo-hydrometer measures the humidity and temperature of an area to help determine the next course of action.

A Laser measure is important as it makes measuring much easier than with a traditional tape measure. Finally, water-proof boots are necessary to keep dry in wet conditions. These tools, combined with experience and knowledge, allow the technician to help your family out of these conditions.

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