What’s Keeping Potential Buyers from Choosing Your Home

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Selling a home may turn out to be a long process. There could be a series of potential buyers that would go in and out of your doors. You might start to wonder what is wrong with your property.

You might miss some details about your home because it feels familiar to you. But, the perspective is different from someone stepping on it for the first time. They may be too polite to tell you outright what they do not like. If you want to sell your home in a breeze, take note of these things that discourage buyers from closing the deal.

Too Hot or Too Cold

When a potential buyer steps inside your home, they want to feel comfortable. When the heat is up, they would feel stuffy. When it is too cold, they might think something is wrong with the AC unit.

Your HVAC system is a wise investment when you want to sell your home. For this reason, consider getting an annual boiler servicing. Make sure that your AC unit is also in good condition. One of the things that a potential buyer would not want is to have issues with the HVAC system once they moved in. Getting the right temperature during house tours will help potential buyers to decide.

Distinct Odors

Smells caused by tobacco, pet dander, and mold are major turn-offs for people viewing your home. All these odors tell that the house is not maintained well. Also, it takes a long time for these odors to wear off.

Dousing your home with the smell of a commercial air freshener or incense also is not a good idea. Not all people prefer a heavy smell lingering in the air, even if it is a fragrant one. The best route to take is to make sure that you deep clean your home. Go for natural scents such as lemons to give the air a fresh smell.

Gloomy Rooms and Spaces

Potential buyers are looking for open spaces and a welcoming vibe. When a room has dim lighting, it feels cramped and uninviting. Be selective with your lighting system. The best way is to allow as much natural light to come in as possible. You can achieve this by having large windows or installing skylights.

If having natural light is not possible, look for light fixtures that make the room look livelier. Smart lights are also wise investments.

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Some Obsolete Features

Many details may seem small but can affect the buying decision of a person. Potential buyers would have second thoughts when they see some outdated features.

Some examples are:

  • Brass fixtures such as brass chandeliers
  • Faux crystal faucet handles
  • Popcorn-finished ceilings

Most modern homeowners do not favor such items. For one, they are hard to maintain. People want a less stressful way in the upkeep of their homes. Second, they may find the following features too traditional. These items may seem out of place with the vision that they want in designing their new home.

If you have such details in your home, consider replacing them before listing your home in the market. You may not notice that these are the silent culprits on why your house could not get a deal.

Too Much Personality

Putting too much of your personality in your home is fine if you intend to live on it. These personal preferences make you feel at home. But, if you are selling your home, it is one serious deal-breaker.

Potential buyers hope to envision themselves and their families in it. It would be hard to do so if all they see are photographs and knickknacks of the current owner. That bold color in your bedroom might work for you. It may not be a perfect fit for the person viewing your home. Your garage converted to a man cave/she shed may be a source of joy for you. The buyer looking at your home does not see value in it.

Remove items or features that hinder people from feeling comfortable in your home. Your goal is to give them the feeling that they can live in it. Seeing your personality all over the place would make them feel like a visitor, or much worse, an intruder.

An Overly Enthusiastic Seller

Have you experienced shopping for an item with a saleslady hovering behind you? Anybody can attest that this is not a comfortable experience. If you are an overly enthusiastic seller of your home, you might commit this mistake. Potential buyers do not want you lurking around when they view your home.

It is best to be out of the house or be in another room when someone comes for a viewing. This practice will give them the space to decide well. If they have any questions, they would be glad to discuss them with you at a separate meeting or after the viewing.

Putting up your property for sale is only the beginning. Finding the next owner of your home is the heart of the process. Speed up the deal by avoiding the things that make potential buyers give a thumbs down to a home.

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