Where Does Your Home’s Personality Shine?

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You may think that a home’s personality can be identified by looking at how big it is, how modern or traditional, how clean or dirty, or what color it is. But did you know that the real point where your home’s personality shows is through its front door? Yes, it is that part of your home that protects you from human and non-human invaders.

You also think that it prevents you from going in and out of your house much quicker. Your front door also stresses you out when you lock yourself outside of your place.

Why is the front door a representative of a home’s personality?

Realtor Bill Primavera said that he never forgets to highlight the importance of his clients’ front doors. He stated that those doors are key to a home’s personality. The realtor said that it can give outsiders an impression of what is inside a home or show the opposite of the inside. Primavera came up with the idea of front doors being a key to identifying a home’s personality through acknowledging the obvious but often overlooked fact about front doors — they give the first impression. How so?

Before guests even come into your house — they spot your front door. Even strangers who pass by your humble abode will be able to get a peek of what your front door looks like.

How are different door appearances impressible?

A nice-looking, well-built, and quality front door welcomes the visitor with an unflappable hello. But for a door whose appearance was damaged by weather changes, misalignment due to frequent use, old age, and poorly functioning parts — it is a meek hello. An unpleasant-looking front door conveys that something about the house is somber.

Personality is rooted in humans. We likened front doors to how we interact with the people we meet for the first time — we get an impression. For us, it takes seven seconds to make a strong or an otherwise weak impression. We rely on our ability to smile, shake hands, and vocally introduce ourselves to strangers. Front doors have to rely on how they look. If a front door looks like it needs a paint job, looking tarnished, or is not working as it should, it can give the impression that the entire home itself is outdated, not maintained, and not in order.

To the homeowners, front doors are not given much attention because most people get inside their homes through the door that acts as a passageway between the garage and the inside of the house. But for visitors, the main point of entry is the personality-filled front door.

How do you know if your front door needs improvement?

beautiful porchLook at your front door thoroughly and see if the hinges are making unpleasant sounds, check the paint job, and most of all, see if the locks are working well. Upon examination, you will be able to determine if the door that acts as the face of your home has problems. Some can be mended with small repairs but some problems may need you to have your front door replaced.

The job of examining, repairing, or replacing your door is best left to contractors and handymen. But you will surely get confused with the barrage of suggestions they will give you when it comes to repairing or outright replacing your home’s front door. They may suggest reliable materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, or trendy fiberglass doors.

All in all, having maintenance checks for all parts of your homes helps in identifying problems that may be solved much easier and will cost you less if addressed properly. This does not only apply to your front door but to other parts of your home. Albeit making a big first impression to visitors, your front door’s audience will not be staying outside of your home. It is still important to maintain what is inside.

What door designs or styles should you pick?

With a wide range of styles to choose from, it is undeniably hard to pick one that will best fit what impression we want to give about our homes. This also depends on what you like — do you like the traditional, taller than humans, wooden front doors that open in the middle? Do you like your front door made out of glass? Are you into turning your home into a smart one with automatic doors that open without you rushing to do so?

Narrowing down your choices should start by asking yourself this question: what impression do I want people to get about my humble abode? You can start there.

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