4 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life in the city, it’s that space is a privilege. Apartments are often cramped and stuffy, whereas people in the suburbs and countryside have access to all the space they need.

This is why home improvement projects are more challenging in the city. How can you squeeze in all the fixtures you want with the limited square footage you have? And forget about natural light: do anything with the window, and you can kiss your security deposit goodbye.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. There’s plenty of ways to make your tiny bathroom seem bigger and brighter. You need to have the right tools and plan to get the job done. New mirrors or bathroom vanity units can do wonders for your home. And no, it won’t cost you half your savings.

Here are a few tips for your bathroom renovation project.

1. Choose light colors

Light colors make spaces seem bigger and less stuffy, while dark colors can turn any room into a cave. When renovating a small space, it’s best to stick to light colors for everything, from the wall paint to the cabinets. Choose only one color as well. Contrast can make the room seem even smaller.

A few colors you might want to consider are green, blue, yellow, and even gray. Just make sure the colors are on the lighter side. If all else fails, white is always a safe option. Just make sure the wall floor matches the floor tile.

2. Use accents to break up the monotony

ergonomic bathroomJust because you’ve painted the walls white doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be devoid of any color or personality. You can still add color (yes, even dark ones) to your bathroom through the careful use of accents.

Dark blue towels look great hanging from chrome racks. You can also choose vibrant colors for small fixtures such as knobs and hinges to inject energy into your bathroom. Playful use of texture through rugs can make any space feel homier.

3. Make the ceiling seem taller

Apartments in the city aren’t exactly known for their tall ceilings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Through colors and lighting, you can make your bathroom ceiling seem taller. For instance, replacing old, heavy crown molding with something smaller or more narrow can make the room instantly feel bigger.

You also need to consider the way how lighting affects our depth perception. Hanging ceiling lights project light downward, which makes the ceiling look darker. Recessed lighting and upward-facing wall sconces have better light distribution and minimize unsightly shadows.

4. Install mirrors

Dull surfaces absorb light while reflecting surfaces help reflect them. The more light travels in a space, the larger the room will look. One quick way to make your bathroom look bigger is to install mirrors. Even just installing one large mirror on the wall can do wonders for any space, including your bathroom.

These things will make your tiny bathroom look bigger and brighter. Light colors help expand a space, while color accents can inject energy and break up the monotony. Lastly, mirrors and new lighting can transform the way your bathroom looks.

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