4 Tips on Home Pool Safety for Kids

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Having a pool at home is a good addition to your property. It can increase your property value. It can be an instant way to entertain your kids without having to leave the house, as well as provide a great venue for home events with family and friends. A home pool likewise allows you to get some hours of relaxation and exercise outdoors. But, when toddlers and small children are involved, a pool can pose a danger. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that everybody – including the little ones – will be safe and will have fun.

Use Safety Barriers

Install sturdy aluminum fencing around the pool area. This will prevent a child from falling in when he or she goes out of the house unsupervised and wanders near the pool. Make sure that the height of the fence is not lower than four feet. The latch to the gate must also be beyond a child’s reach. Double-check that it is closed every time your family gets out of the pool. The gaps of the fencina g also need to be close enough together, lest a small child thinks of slipping between them. Also, there must be no horizontal gap below the fence where a child can pass through. Lastly, think carefully about the design of and around the fence. There must be no item that can be used as a footstool or that a child can hold for him to be able to climb over. Put chairs, potted plants, and boxes away from the perimeter of the fence.

Always Oversee Their Swimming Activities

Never leave a child unsupervised in the pool area. It does not matter if he or she knows how to swim. Do not be la, either, because the child has floaters on. Supervision means close contact. Stay close enough to reach your child at the first sign of danger.

Invest in Lessons and Training

swimming lessons

You may enroll your child early on in swimming lessons, especially if they show interest and enjoyment when in the water. Lessons will also help your child maximize the use of your pool for added health benefits. There are swimming lessons even for toddlers. It is also a good thing for the family to have basic CPR knowledge and first aid training. This is especially true for the primary caregiver of the child.

Be a Good Role Model

Children mirror what adults do. To ensure safety while swimming, show them through example. Do not run, dive, or engage in rough horseplay that might lead to accidents. Show them that the rules apply to all ages, and not only to kids. This is a more powerful form of instruction than mere words. Also, don yourself and the kids with the proper swimming attire. Tell them that wearing heavy materials can impede movement in the water.

Having a pool at home is an asset, but also a responsibility – in more ways than just physical maintenance. But, with the right steps and precautions, your pool will provide hours of fun in the sun.

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