Ideas to Turn Your Basement into a Livable Space

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What are your childhood memories of your home’s basement? What did you use it for? Do you remember all those urban legends you told your younger siblings about the basement? How there was a man living there who would take your sibling away if they played your toys? Remember all those funny and amusing stories? Kids today will never hear those stories. Their basements are well-painted and well-lit. They hang out in their basements.

If you’re handy with building things, you can pick up some plasterboard tools and equipment and start work in your basement. Many homeowners find that revamping their basements add value to their homes. It’s true. The moment they decide to invest in beautifying their basements, the value of their homes increase.

Home Theater

Turn your living room into a receiving room. Your basement can be where you and the kids hang out, watch movies, and eat popcorn. This is the place no one else will see regularly. You can set up some oversized recliner chairs and a high-resolution LCD projector in your basement. Want to complete the movie theater theme? You can add a popcorn machine in the corner of the room.

Game Room

Yes, basements used to be billiard rooms for the boys in the house. But the game room looks quite different these days. Homeowners tend to turn their basements into multipurpose game rooms where there’s a pool table, a poker table, and a game console. It’s the ultimate game room for families. You can even put a ping-pong table if the space allows it.

Home Office

Don’t you want to have a home office? You may not like the idea of taking work home with you, but it’s a reality that you’re stuck in. Instead of working on your kitchen countertop or your bed, you can create a home office in your basement. Put up an ergonomic table and chair so that you can work in the peace of one corner. Liven it up a bit by changing the wall color or putting up a nice wallpaper and posting some photos of your travels.


A basement bar is a perfect addition to your home if you love entertaining guests. But since this is a more complicated project, you might need to work with a contractor. You need to establish your budget in advance because it will play a critical role in the overall look and structure of the basement bar. You should also check with local ordinances and make sure the bar meets the requirements.

Home Gym

hitting the gym

Imagine not having to pay for gym memberships. You can start your own home gym in your basement. Simply put up a large mirror on one wall and some rubber tiles on the floor to protect it from the heavy gym equipment. You can buy gym equipment from secondhand stores and garage sales.

You should not waste your basement to store things that you don’t use anymore. That’s what the garage is for. You can revamp your basement space and turn it into an additional room that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

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