6 Things You Should Consider Leaving Behind When Moving

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Moving to a new home will open a new chapter in your life. However, there are a lot of things you should consider leaving behind. The moving process will be a challenging task for you and your removalists when moving from Melbourne to Sydney, especially when you drag all of your household items with you.

You can free up more space in your new house if you abandon a few of your items in your old home. Here are some of the things you need to consider leaving when moving to a different place.


You will accumulate a lot of paperwork over the years. You may even need multiple boxes to move your papers to your new home. However, most of them are for memorabilia or are practically useless. Papers will take up unnecessary space in the moving van.

You can throw away your monthly utility bills, phone charges, school papers, and restaurant receipts to free up space. You will have to keep important documents like financial records or real estate files with you during your move.

If you still think you need some of the papers you have, you should consider scanning and storing them digitally.


The curtains you purchased for your old home may not fit the measurements of your new house’s windows. When you confirm that you need to buy new curtains, you should consider leaving the old ones behind.

The curtains will help make the new owners feel more welcome when the windows have coverings.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are prone to damage, which makes it a bad idea to move them with you. There is a high chance that your bulbs will not fit the measurement of your new home’s light fixtures. Your old house’s buyers will expect the lights to work when checking the residence.

You will be able to show buyers around your home with ease when you leave your light bulbs in their rightful places.

Broken Furniture

Some of your furniture may not match the style of your new house, which will make you question if they are worth moving. However, leaving behind broken furniture is a no-brainer. You may consider buying new furniture if you do not repair your table or sofa before the move.

You will also make it easier for your removalists to move your items.

Old Clothes

Movers unloading moving van

You will spend a lot of time organising your clothes during the moving process. However, some pieces of clothing will make you feel like you are wasting your time. If you have no intention of wearing old or outgrown clothes, you should consider dumping them before your move.

Clothes are some of the items you will likely invest in when moving to a new home, which makes abandoning your old clothes a good choice.

Outdated Electronics

Old electronic devices are difficult to throw away, which is why rusty refrigerators and outdated televisions usually end up getting left behind. You will burden your team of removalists with unnecessary work if you decide to take those appliances with you.

You may sell your outdated electronics to junk shops to make yourself a profit. If you cannot lift the object without the help of others, you should abandon it.

Moving to a new house will help you start a new life. However, your old items will be taking up space and prevent you from making new decisions. Leaving a few things behind will not only be a way to lessen your moving tasks, but also an action that helps you make changes.

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