Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage

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Unless we have a separate room—a basement or an attic—where we can store our junk and unused sofa bed, for example, all of these things will end up in the garage. When was the last time you took notice of how your garage looks? Is it organized? Are all the car tools scattered around? Not only is this a possible walking disaster, but it’s also an eyesore.

Fixing your garage starts with knowing its functionality. If your garage door is broken, have a garage door repair in Salt Lake City because you will be unable to park your car inside if you have a busted door. The garage will end up as a stock room of sort while your car is parked in the driveway or along the street. This will only worsen the clutter in your garage.

Set Aside a Specific Time

You have to tackle this organizational project when you are free. Set aside one weekend to fix your garage. If you don’t, all the stuff will end up in piles all over the garage. You need a dry weekend, too, because you will need to move some of the things on the driveway so that you can organize each group accordingly. Ask a friend or an expert to help you with cleaning and organizing the garage. You can’t do this alone.

Invest in Shelves

Put up shelves on every available space of the garage. Look for shelves that can be added on to as you will need to maximize the vertical space the room allows. Bins and shelves are the easiest way to organize and store items in any room, especially in a garage. Stackable bins will work well as a solution.

Categorize the Items

Some of the categories include sporting gear, camping equipment, recyclables, automotive, Christmas decorations, garden tools, and trash. Admit it, some of the items in your garage are just plain trash that you cannot let go of. There are also things there that you can still use inside the house. Relocate some of the items, especially the ones that are still usable.

Throw Away Trash

Many of the items that you also have in your garage are just plain trash that you cannot throw away because of sentimentality. You need to learn how to give up these things because your garage will end up looking like a landfill. In the future, there might not have space for your vehicles. Either recycle the trash, donate it, or throw it away.

Clean the Room

Modern two car garage with glass door

Sometimes, all it takes is to clean the room to see the beauty of the room. Once you’ve taken out all of the items from the garage, you can sweep the floors and wash the walls (maybe even repaint them). Cleaning the garage will give you a better sense of where all the items must be stored.

Organizing the garage is such a cathartic activity for homeowners. You often put it off because it’s such a tiresome task. But once you completed the task, you will feel infinitely better and more accomplished than ever before.

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