6 Warning Signs That Your House Has a Plumbing Problem

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Plumbing problems can manifest in obvious signs around the house. But sometimes, there may be no signs at all. Perhaps you have gotten used to the weird sounds coming from your pipes or the leaky faucet in one of the bathrooms, but it could also mean you have a bigger problem. Call a plumber in Millcreek or other areas if you see, hear, smell, or sense the following signs:

1. Smell of sewer

If you smell sewage emanating from your drains, then you most likely have a problem with your traps. A trap is designed to keep sewer smells from backing up your drains. When you have a dry trap, the water that is keeping the odors out is no longer there. That said, sewer odors can freely travel up your drains. Not only are these smells unpleasant; they are also harmful to our health.

2. Weak flow of water

Low water pressure in a faucet may mean a problem with your faucet’s aerator; this is easily fixable. However, low water pressure in multiple locations in the house is a telltale sign of a major plumbing problem. Poor water distribution in the home can mean issues with the main water supply, the water heater, or a major leak in one of your pipes.

3. Increased water bill

water bill

An uncharacteristically high water bill can mean that there are several unchecked leaks inside the house that you may or may not know of. If you see a spike in your water bill for this month, you may want to have your lines checked by a plumber unless you did something that increased your water consumption (e.g., filled up your pool or turned the sprinklers on more often).

4. Slow draining

Sinks or tubs that drain slowly are annoying and time-consuming. Usually, this problem can be fixed by getting rid of the clog in the drain. Either that, or there is a problem further down the sewer line that needs professional help.

5. Unusual water quality

If the water comes out of the faucet with a strange odor or color, then there is something seriously wrong with either your water supply or plumbing system. Water that comes out dark or reddish may indicate that your pipes are overly corroded, while greenish water may indicate algae growth. Moreover, water that smells bad is a sign that you have a bacteria or sewage problem in your plumbing.

If the problem is within your pipes, you can call in professional plumbing services to fix the problem before the contamination gets worse. But if the problem stems from the city’s water supply being polluted or contaminated, you should contact the city’s water department instead.

6. Weird sounds

Hearing weird sounds from pipes or fixtures is often passed off as normal. However, ignoring these sounds can cause a more serious problem later. Examples of noises that indicate a plumbing problem is gurgling in the toilet, rattling in the pipes, wooshing in the showers, dripping from the faucet, and more.

Do these signs apply to your plumbing situation now? Before the problem gets worse, get professional help and have the issues fixed right away.

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