7 Real Estate Thanksgiving Ideas

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Real estate is a competitive industry. Some focus on residential properties, while others put in all their energy in commercial or industrial real estate sales. Others put up signs that say, “We buy inherited house” for flipping.

With this kind of cutthroat competition, real estate agents do all they can to outwit each other to get the upper hand on marketing. They come up with all sorts of promotions and gimmicks to get people to check out the properties they are selling. If you are in the real estate industry and are looking for ideas for Thanksgiving, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanksgiving Ideas for Real Estate

With Thanksgiving around the corner, real estate agents are thinking up ideas to thank their clients and draw more leads. You can choose to go down the traditional route of sending email messages, mailing themed postcards, or giving gifts in person. However, those who want to be a little more creative can try any one of these ideas.

1. Appreciation Celebration

An annual client appreciation celebration is one of the best ways to thank your faithful clients and keep them on board for future projects. This can be a concert or a dinner that can be held at a community center, your office, or wherever it is that’s suitable for the event. 

The guest list may include your other cross-promotion partners, lenders, inspectors, and other people you and your client worked with.

2. Food Drive

A great and meaningful way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by paying it forward to those in need. Hosting a food drive at different open houses not only gets your listing promoted, but also puts you in a great position to be a blessing to the community. You get people to see the property you are selling and end up with a good and solid reputation as responsible members of the society. Promote the food drive on social media and through newsletters and make sure to keep everyone updated with the progress of the project.

3. Thank-You Pumpkin Pie

A simple way of showing your clients and partners that you appreciate them is by sending treats their way. What better way to do this than to send a whole pumpkin pie straight to their home or office. Post pictures on Instagram or create stories that feature the bakery and the recipients along with reasons why you are thankful for them.

4. Thanksgiving Open House

If you have a listing that needs exposure, hosting a catered Thanksgiving open house for your clients, prospects, and partners on-site. You get to show them your appreciation while getting your listing explored by the attendees. Their social media posts will help generate buzz and additional exposure for your listing.

5. Holiday-Themed Blog

Write creative themed blogs that will help entertain and educate your clients and prospects about your industry, properties, tips and advice, or locally relevant information that is valuable to them. 

6. Custom SnapChat Filters

So you think SnapChat is just for teens? SnapChat reported in 2017 that 67.3% of its users are from the 25 to 45-year-old demographic which is the target market for most agents. Making the most of this statistic will help promote your business and get the word out about your company or listing. Filters can be created online via apps, like Canva, which are easy to use.


7. #Thankful Campaign

Start the first day of the month with a campaign that shows people what you are grateful for as an agent and even as a person. Showing sincere appreciation without any strings attached is a great way of attracting people to you and your business. Challenge yourself to make a thank-you post on social media every day until Thanksgiving day. You may even tag the people featured in your post to make it more personal and personalized.

Thanksgiving is a great way to get together with people and just have a great time. It won’t hurt if you do a little business on the side but don’t let it be the main driver for your celebration. There are a lot of things to be thankful for, your work and your clients included.

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