8 Best Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Your Retirement

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You’re finally mentally and financially ready to retire, but is your home ready for you, too? Learn some useful ideas on how to get your home prepared for your retirement.

Late adulthood brings about new challenges and issues that you need to adapt to, starting at home. When your retirement age is drawing near, it’s best that you prepare your home for old age as early as you can. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Senior-friendly bathroom fixtures

Walk-in bathtubs for disabled and seniors, as well as showers with seats, are absolutely essential. When the time comes that you can no longer bend your knees right or stand up for more than five minutes, these senior-friendly bathroom fixtures will allow you independence in the bathroom but with no cost to your safety. Other fixtures you should consider are low-rise toilets and non-slip flooring.

2. Repairs and renovations

If your home needs a few repairs or renovations, it’s best if you get it done now while you still have the ability. Call in a professional or go the DIY way.

3. Decluttering

To enjoy retirement without being bogged down by excess clutter in the home, start getting rid of stuff that you don’t need today. With little clutter, you are also decreasing the risk of tripping and hurting yourself.

4. Relocation of bedroom 

In old age, you may not be able to bound up and down the stairs as well as you can today. If you can convert a room on the first floor to your new bedroom, you should do so before your knees start giving out. But if there are no rooms available, install a mechanical chair that can carry you up and down the stairs.

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5. Doors and windows security

Safety and security should also be a top priority when getting your home ready for retirement. Call in a locksmith to check the reliability of your current home security. If they find it lacking, consider having an alarm system installed as well as reinforced locks.

6. Handles

When our hands grow old, it’s going to be harder to turn knobs and handles. Painful, even. To avoid that problem in the future, replace knobs and handles with levers that are easy to grab and turn.

7. Lighting

Your sight will likely start failing when you grow older, and as a result, you may not see clearly most of the time. To address this future impediment, make sure that all areas in the house are well-lighted, especially on entrances and near steps. 

8. Recreation area

Retirees often get bored because they don’t have much to do. That is why it is important for seniors to have an activity or hobby that can keep them occupied As you’re preparing your home for retirement, consider including a recreation area in your house, such as a patio or a small garden.

There are many changes that come with retirement. If you find yourself near this stage in life, it’s best that you get your home ready to adapt to these changes. This way, you can continue living independently for as long as possible.

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