Safety First: How to Keep Workers Safe in an Oil Rig Environment

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The oil rig is one of the world’s most dangerous work environments. Workers in the industry face threats and hazards from all angles. Some of the risks may be visible, but other accidents are the result of human error. As a business owner, it is your job to provide your employees with ways to stay safe while working the oil rig. Here are some of the steps you need to take to keep your workers safe in the dangerous field.

Cover the Basics

All U.S. states provide oil businesses with a safety guideline for oil rig workers. It is your responsibility to keep your employees in line when considering safety measures. For one, you must command your staff to wear the proper safety gear before going to the site of the drilling project. Aside from the proper safety wear, you should remind your workers to stay alert while working. Safety seminars and training should be a part of your program for your oil rig employees. If your workers take threats to their health and lives seriously, they will do their best to stay safe in a dangerous environment.

Identify Every Risk

The workers will do their part to keep themselves safe. However, you should contribute to their safety by identifying all of the risks in a dangerous environment. You must also give them an idea of what to expect from the primary risk areas to possible accident situations. There are also some tools and machines that can potentially harm a worker. You can teach your employees how to properly use work-specific tools during the job with the help of safety seminars. When you manage to identify every risk inside the work environment, you can help your employees avoid getting into accidents.

Have an Emergency Response Unit Ready

Accidents can happen at any time. If an unfortunate worker ends up getting injured on the job, you should be able to provide initial medical treatment before taking them to the hospital. You have a responsibility to your workers, which means that you must hire an emergency medical team on your site. With a paramedic within your ranks, you will be able to assist their medical needs.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for anyone to prevent accidents from occurring despite going through safety procedures. When a worker suffers from a major injury, you should never blame them for causing an accident. Your employees are working for your company’s growth, so it is ideal for you to consider their safety first. You must also try to supervise your workers during work hours to make sure they are following safety guidelines.

Constantly Check Equipment

Asian motor mechanic repairing construction or mining machine motor

It is never a good idea to save money on heavy machinery. A new model of a tool has higher safety standards compared to the one your workers are currently using. The tools may also suffer from wear and tear, which may cause an unexpected incident. You should consistently check your equipment before every use. If you notice small cracks on your drill bit, you should avoid using it to prevent risking the lives of your employees. You must partner with companies that sell downhole products in Oklahoma, for instance, to secure replacement and upgrade on tools and equipment.

The oil rig is a dangerous environment, but workers need to take the risk to help your company grow. You must take action to make sure that your employees remain safe inside a hazardous area.


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