Commercial Property Sales: Nailing the Exterior of the Building

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It is industry knowledge that commercial spaces with old worn-down exteriors won’t sell well. Unappealing exteriors give off a negative impression on your prospective customers. Hence, it is essential to show patrons you value them by addressing their needs and providing them a service they’ll be satisfied with through a pleasing business exterior. Besides customer satisfaction, decorating your exterior also helps with the following.

Capturing Clients From A Building Exterior Alone

Draw Customer Attention

A bland exterior is a dull building, which is a turn-off if you’re aiming to sell your properties to tech startups, restaurant chains, or any other business that is looking for a modern aesthetic. Consequently, business owners are increasingly looking for an attractive office space to boost employee morale. However, one design doesn’t fit all the customer’s needs. Remember to research your target demographic and renovate it according to their general preference.

Protect Yourself from Complaints

Constructive criticism from customers is a great way to assess your business. Receiving too much disapproval from customers is a sign that you need to change strategies. You can avoid customer complaints by providing them with everything they’ll need. One such thing is an upgraded building exterior. By decorating and improving your property’s appearance, you can avoid customer complaints and please them at the same time.

Prevent Building Degradation

Regular maintenance of your building’s exterior is vital to keep the building from looking worn-down and prevent degradation. As such, customers want a building in pristine condition to save on costs. Since you’re aiming to sell the property, business owners are willing to pay for more to save the hassle and expense of fixing the building in the future.

Building Exterior Improvements You Can Do Right Now

Outdoor Working Spaces

If you’re looking to improve your property’s exterior, look no further than commercial awnings and canopies on outdoor working spaces. These fixtures are sought after by business owners looking to house their restaurant or have a fancy outdoor area for their employees. Furthermore, canopies provide energy-efficiency to the building by covering its windows and doors. Canopies and awnings offer an adequate amount of shade that cuts glare and keeps the building cool. Outdoor workspaces with canopies keep the ambient temperature low.

Installing an outdoor working space is a surefire way to keep customers content with the property. Plus, you can customize outdoor areas to the client’s needs. They can install branding on canopies, add a café, or make a dedicated workspace for employees.

Smart Glass

Traditional glass windows and doors are a great option if you want to add sophistication to the building’s vibe. Luckily, there’s a better option that will up your selling price and wow many customers at the same time—smart glass.

Electrochromic glass, or smart glass, is a type of advanced window equipped with sensors that can determine the weather, sunlight, and room occupancy. Through this technology, the windows automatically darken or lighten their tint depending on the environment. Smart windows can play a huge role in reducing the building’s energy use by reducing how much sunlight enters the room.

However, this technology doesn’t come cheap since smart windows cost more than their traditional counterparts. On the upside, manufacturers say that you can save up to 20% of your monthly electricity bills when you choose to install smart windows.

Whether you choose to install a traditional window or smart windows, make sure to keep the windows spotless. Regularly employ qualified janitorial services to scrub your exterior windows to maintain their cleanliness and lengthen their lifespan.


Commercial Landscaping

One of the best ways to impress customers is by improving the property’s outdoor landscape. A well-maintained landscape makes a great first impression on customers and business partners alike. Not only does this mean your building is worth its attention, but it also ups the value of the property significantly.

Ideas for commercial landscaping largely depend on the customers’ needs. Thankfully, there are general landscaping ideas you can do to your property right now. Here are a couple of landscape designs you should consider installing:

  • Erect landscaped slopes that hide parking lots and other unsightly areas using low-maintenance grass.
  • Add flora, such as native plants, to add a splash of color to the building.
  • Install unique designs, architecture, or art at the entrance and outdoor workspaces.
  • Fully customizable signage decorated with flora to add sophistication to the customers’ branding.

Another thing to improve when renovating your building’s landscape is its pavement. Over time, asphalt pavement cracks and breaks down. You can mitigate this by periodically employing pavement services to fill in potholes and replace broken-down concrete.

Improving the property’s exterior is a surefire way to increase its value, albeit being costly. However, the initial cost significantly outweighs the potential profit from sales to business owners looking for the perfect location. After all, who doesn’t want to work in a building with a beautiful, welcoming landscape?

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