Redefining the Future of Interior Design

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The future might seem far off, but you will find out that it is already here when you look at things. What does the future hold for the interior design industry? 2020 was a significant year for the industry because everyone had to stay inside their homes. Because of government restrictions and lockdowns, our living spaces’ importance increased.

Last year, our homes became more than a place where we went to the end of the day. Our homes became our workplaces and our children’s classrooms. Our homes also became a refuge, a place where we kept ourselves safe from an unseen enemy.

Because of the government’s stay-at-home mandates, many homeowners wanted to give their homes a makeover. They desired living spaces conducive to work and school and would offer a semblance of privacy. While things are starting to get back to normal, the pandemic has already significantly impacted our lives. It looks like the pandemic will continue to influence how we live our lives for years to come.

Interior Designs Influenced by the Outdoors

Since the pandemic, many people have turned to nature to add solace to their lives. Nature will influence this year’s interior design trends, an article with Forbes says. People missed going outdoors and taking walks to their favorite places. Nature has played a significant role in giving people a sense of calm and refuge.

It only seems fitting that we will see more of the outdoors on interior design. This would mean we will see more rattan and wicker pieces as accents in foyers and living areas. These are classic pieces that work well in any living space.

Interior Design Services Will Go Digital

There is no denying the importance of digital technology, especially during the pandemic. These days, clients can now avail themselves of interior design services right at their fingertips. Companies like Modsy and Homepolish offer online interior design services for clients. Many of these companies allow their clients to work within their budget.

Companies like Homepolish allow their clients to work in-person with designers using online tools. Online communication and purchases will be more common.

Technology is fast improving. Because of this, 3D visualization and augmented reality will also become the norm. It will be an effective way for services to become accessible to distant clients.

Quality Outweighs Quantity

2020 has taught consumers to be more practical with their finances. Many have adopted the conscious lifestyle and have become more minimalist. This means that they prefer furniture that is well-made and has touches of luxury.

Homeowners may now want fewer pieces in their home, but they want high-quality pieces as well. This means that refined materials and wood detailing will be the trend. There will also be a preference for textiles such as velvet and mohair.

Bold Walls Are the Norm

living room interior

The appeal of going bold is evident in this trend. Homeowners no longer want to stare at boring walls for hours on end. Clients can choose 3D wallpapers or wall panels to give their rooms more visual appeal. They can choose designs that best suit their tastes, whether it is a floral design or even a rustic faux brick wall.

Interior design is a labor of love that you have to commit to. The Wall Street Journal says that you can give your home the facelift you desire. It is important to follow a process to make all the elements look organized.

Begin with a Concept and Work from There

You must have a concept in mind before you start anything. You may look for ideas on sites like Pinterest, but you must also decide what concepts best suit your personality and environment. Leadership Consultant Gordon Rudow says that doing so will help guide the design process.

Decide on the Essentials

Rudow said that homeowners must decide what elements they want to incorporate into their homes. He also added that the essentials would depend on what your priorities are.

Make Customization Work for You

Form and fit make a difference. Rudow shared that he and his wife went to great lengths to make sure that everything in their interior design was custom-made according to their needs. They even went so far as to measuring the length of their thighs to ensure comfortable seating on their fire pit. He says that it might seem like a tedious process, but it will be worth it.

The pandemic has forever influenced how we live our lives from then on. It will seem like this shall be the norm for years to come. Now that there is higher importance in making our living spaces more comfortable, we deserve the best.

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