Common Mistakes of the Plumbing DIY Enthusiast You Should Avoid

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There are many reasons why people try to DIY their plumbing. It’s possibly because they don’t have the money, or they already have the materials for it, or they think that the problem is small enough anyway. It could also be caused by all of the above. If you’re deciding to work on your plumbing on your own, you might as well remind yourself to avoid the following mistakes. They can cost you a lot more than you first think.

Using Drain Cleaner too Much

For many of us, the first move that we’ll make when we find that the drain is clogged is to use drain cleaner on it. Unfortunately, some people take to applying more when it doesn’t immediately unblock the pipes. If you’ve seen the instructions, it’s supposed to be used sparingly, as it has chemicals that can wear away at your pipes if you use it too many times. If it doesn’t work the first time, you’re better off calling for drain cleaning services in Provo. The problem may be larger than you think.

Not Turning the Water off First

Many people, in a hurry to fix their own plumbing, forget to turn off the water beforehand. Either that or they think that they can solve the problem without taking some things apart. If you let the water flow while you’re working on pipes, you can run the risk of it leaking or bursting and making a mess. Keep in mind that you should handle this like you do electricity. Stop the flow of water before you do anything with the plumbing.

plumber fixing the pipe

Making Mismatches

When the repair calls for a part replacement, you might think that you can do away with something that barely fits or is made from a different material. Unfortunately, the general rule here is to find the exact same piece, down to the size and the metal that it’s made of. That’s because introducing a different size will change the pressure, making water flow inefficiently to certain areas or damage it altogether. Some materials will also corrode others upon contact, and you don’t want pipework eating at itself.

Connecting Pipes the Wrong Way

Connecting pipes can seem like an easy task for someone and it can be, as long as one does it the right way. For starters, you shouldn’t tighten any connections too much, as this can lead to damage while you’re doing it or while someone takes it out in the future. Also, you should make sure that they’re aligned properly and fit snugly. And last, but not the least, please don’t be lazy and just put tape over it.

Plumbing is serious business, and one mistake can possibly cost you your money and part of your house. If you’re going to do repairs by yourself, then you should do it properly. Otherwise, it would be best to call a professional plumber that you can trust. They know what should be done more than you do, and have the right tools and materials to make the necessary repairs.

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