Homeowner’s Checklist: Common and Costly Roof Problems To Watch Out For

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The phrase “a roof over your head” basically sums up how important your roof is; you can even argue that house isn’t a house without it — just a collection of walls that leave everyone within it vulnerable. But the sad truth is that a lot of home roofs don’t get that much TLC and are only cared for when the damage is already severe or even irreversible, or if it starts to fail in protecting your home from the elements (i.e., leaks and water spots on the ceiling).

Although it would be quite an advantage if you had the tools and know-how to fix your roof, you should at least know how to spot problems in their roof as early as possible before the issue worsens and more extensive (and expensive) repairs are needed. That said, we’ll be taking a look at the most common roofing problems that you should always be in the lookout for:

#1 Leaks

This is arguably the most common yet the most costly and frustrating of roof problems that any homeowner can face. Luckily, you don’t need to get up to your roof and inspect every inch to pinpoint any holes, gaps, or damage to spot it. First off, check your attic for visible leaks, puddles, and wet spots. Then inspect the walls and ceilings of your house for dampness, discoloration, and water spots. Take note that these symptoms can also be caused by condensation due to poor ventilation or from your HVAC system, or even plumbing issues. But it’s best to have the roof checked first as it’s almost always the culprit.

#2 Insect Infestation and Nesting Critters

If you’re living in an area that experiences frigid winters, expect animals to take shelter in the nooks and crannies of your home, and this includes your roof. Likewise, insects such as bees or wasps can start building a nest on your roof, or worse; there could be a termite infestation. The tell-tale signs for this are hearing animal noises and scuttling, and also the unusual number of animals (such as squirrels) in your property. Insect infestations also exhibit the same tell-tale signs as the latter. So make sure to call your local animal control or exterminator as soon as you detect these problems (who knows, they may even identify more of them), and have any damage fixed pronto.


#3 Clogged, Damaged, or Malfunctioning Rain Gutters

Gutters are essential in diverting water away from your home to prevent flooding (particularly basement flooding and water damage in your foundation). Your gutters are also quite likely to ‘collect’ debris such as leaves and sticks, especially during fall or after a heavy and windy storm. So if you notice that your gutters aren’t working correctly, or if the debris buildup is noticeable, it’s time to have it cleaned and maintained. You should also pay particular attention to the fascia (the part of the roof where the gutter is installed) and should be regularly maintained as well to support your rain gutters.

#4 Damaged or Loose Roof Shingles

Roofing shingles aren’t only there for aesthetics. They help protect your roof from impact, improve insulation, and prevent leaks. A probable sign of broken or loose shingles is leaks. You should also watch out for any shingles on the ground level (or on the gutters) that may have been blown off by wind or carried by the torrential flow of water after a storm.

If any problems have been spotted, you can either fix it on your own (but know your limits!) or call a professional. It would be best to hire your local company in North Lindon, Utah, that specializes in various roof maintenance and repair services, including fascia and soffit repairs.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to be thoroughly trained on roof inspection and maintenance to spot these common roof problems; you just need to be aware that they exist so you can be more careful when inspecting your roof. As a parting note, regardless of whichever roof problem is detected, make sure that you’re also just as careful when picking the right company or professionals to perform the repair.

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