Easy Home Interior Upgrades You Can Do on Your Own

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Some people think that home improvements mean that you will end up spending large amounts of money. In truth, it is possible to make home improvements without costing you an arm and a leg. Plus, you don’t even need to be a skilled DIY-er. You only need to have some basic skills for fixing things up to make some of these improvements. Here is a shortlist of the improvements that you can do easily and without extra training.

A New Coat of Paint

The simplest upgrade that you can do to your house interior is to paint them a new color. Most houses have pretty basic color schemes. This means that if your guests walk in and you have a special color that they rarely see, then you can impress them.

For painting, you just need to follow a few steps so that you do it properly. For one, you need to protect the floor from paint drops. You can do this simply by placing down newspapers on the floor or even plastic sheets. Next, you’ll need to paint in sections and apply the paint in even coats so that the end result does not look uneven.

Upgrade the Doors

Another interior upgrade that you can do is to change your interior doors a bit. There are several things that you can do. For one, you can increase the privacy of your home by adding locks to your doors. Refinishing your door would make the door look fresh and new. Upgrades to the frame of your doors are another change. For example, you can install a door frame, and a door jamb set that contrasts with the door to make it pop visually.

Add Some Molding

Most house rooms have too many right angles. This makes them look too harsh. The best way to soften their effect is to add some molding. Applying molding is easy to do. Just measure and cut. Put some joint compound on the molding than stick it on those angles. The process is quick enough that you can do it in an afternoon. If you have multiple rooms that need molding, then you can apply it all in a single weekend.

Put Up Some Decor

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You may notice that many houses seem to have too many blank walls. Though clear space is serviceable, it can be quite boring. This is why you should put up some décor. This can range from simple photos to actual paintings. It makes your rooms feel livelier and more personal.

Install a Stair Runner

If your home has stairs, you might notice that they can feel a bit slippery sometimes. If you want to avoid an accident on them, you can make a stair runner and place it on the stairs. Be creative a bit, and you can make your stairs feel fancy. Plus, the runner should help provide some traction for anyone going up and down.

Your home’s interior is easy to change up. The upgrades above are simple and easy to do. Plus, they don’t cost much. All you will need is to spend a bit and exert a little effort. The results are often worth it.

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