Freshening up Your Home Interior Without Breaking the Bank

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At some point, you’ll look around your house and realize that you’re no longer happy with how it looks. That paint you loved a couple of years back; it doesn’t do anything for the room right now. There are also a couple of trends that you want to try. Your rooms look outdated and antiquated because you have not made upgrades in the past years. Is it time to have a little home renovation project?

Unfortunately, you are not swimming in money, so you need to find an affordable granite countertop in Layton or other cities, for example, to spruce up your kitchen. But with a little bit of research and by asking recommendations from your friends and family, you can freshen up your home interior without dipping into your hard-earned savings.

Repaint the Walls

Paint and brushes will cost you less than $100. You don’t need to hire a professional painter to have your walls and even ceilings repainted with a trendy new color. You can do this yourself. It’s a great exercise for your body, too, and it will save you a lot of cash.

Clean Up

Most of the times, the rooms look dirty, dingy, and dreary because they actually are. If you have not had a general cleaning in the past years, your rooms will look a little bleak. Set aside one weekend where all you’ll be doing is washing the walls, ceiling, and floors. Just make sure to use the proper cleaning materials so that the paint won’t fade or erode.

Replace Your Hardware

You’ll be amazed at how new your kitchen will look by simply replacing the cabinet handles and the faucet. You can get brass handles and a matching faucet—today’s trend in kitchen hardware. You can even invest in a new kitchen appliance that will update the overall look of your countertop.

Add a Statement Wall

living room interior

The simplest way to add some oomph in your room is to have a statement wall. You can paint one wall with your favorite color. If you can’t commit to a specific color, you can use removable wallpaper for now. It adds a dimension to a room. The best thing about a statement wall is that it is cheap and doesn’t require much effort.

Change the Window Treatment

Simply switching up your window treatment can provide a whole new look for a room. You can choose flowy curtains, roman shades, or a combination of the two. You’ll find that by simply upping your window treatment game, your room can feel new, fresh, stylish, and elegant.

Add Some Color

If your rooms are feeling a little dreary, it’s probably because you used too many neutral colors or dark tones such as black, dark gray, and brown. This does not help the overall feel of a room. Switch it up a notch by adding vibrant colors. Use a different set of throw pillows every season. Buy a new carpet with a lively design. That will add a pop of color in any room.

With a little touch up here and there, you’ll find that freshening the interior of your home doesn’t need to be expensive. Do a little research first on what you can do and afford before diving headfirst into a renovation project. Ask help from friends so that you won’t have to pay a professional to fix cabinet doors or repaint the walls. Your friends, hopefully, will be happy with a box of pizza and some wine or beer.

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