Functional Outdoor Ideas for the Quarantine

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With the pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home for months on end, we begin to get tired of the four walls of our home. What used to be comforting has become quite restrictive, and the need to go outdoors has never hit harder than it does now. But with restrictions all over the globe, and the threat of the virus still out there: what can you do at this point?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a sizable lot, the answer is just lying in your yard. Yes, we’re talking about sprucing up your yard to get you that outdoors feel you’ve been looking for. The best part is, even after the quarantine, you’ll have something useful and valuable in your property. And many people agree, many homeowners are using the pandemic to complete their pending outdoor project. And perhaps you should get on this trend too.

Upgrade Your Patio and Gazebo

outdoor patio

Whether be it cleaning, repainting, or even reinforcing the frame, there is no better time to have a good patio than today. If you don’t have one, consider the benefits of owning one: you have an outdoor space that’s private and crowd-free. You can go outside, prop up a table and chair and enjoy the outdoors with your family without having to bear through going to crowded areas. Your vacation overseas can instead be spent on your patio, making a permanent ‘staycation’ that you can use even after the quarantine is over.

Another idea is to add a gazebo to your property. A gazebo is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of a roof. You can have a romantic dinner with the atmosphere to match or give the kids some play area by turning the gazebo into a makeshift playhouse. With the help of creativity and ingenuity, you can even make your gazebo place to hold very intimate events for the occasions that call for a party but with only a few people (because we have to keep safe first)

Storage Shed for Work and Study

With most people having to work from home, and schools offering home study options, everyone needs a dedicated space to focus and concentrate. While most are making do with putting a laptop on their dining table, many people find it hard to focus and be productive when they’re in their own home.

While your garden is a good place to relax, it’s not exactly the best place to focus on a single task that you need to finish by the end of the day. There are too many distractions, so turning your storage garden shed into a makeshift room for work and study is a great idea. Having a dedicated working space introduces the sense of routine and schedule we all once adhered to.

Hopefully, this makes a productive routine that’s bound to make you feel less guilty of slacking because you can’t focus at home. Backyard offices are becoming the newest trend too, as it provides both the need for a routine and an aesthetic space to match.

Your outdoor space doesn’t have to be purely cosmetic: in these turbulent times, we need to be creative and make use of all the resources we have access to.

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