Pandemic: Work-Life Balance Home Improvement Ideas

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The spread of COVID-19 has forced many companies to transition their employees to home-based working. And as your home now becomes the place where you and your family spend most of your time together, there is no better time to start looking into home renovations. Here are some of the best home improvement ideas that can make your home the most ideal place to work and live in:

Repaint your workspace

Since your home is now your office, updating your workspace’s paint can be extremely beneficial for your focus and performance. Choose colors that will boost your productivity, help you focus, and stimulate your creativity.

Color psychology states that green helps improve concentration, red enhances attention to detail, and blue exudes calmness and serenity. Neutral wall colors, such as white, beige, and gray, are also good choices–just add an accent wall or paint the trim with a different color for added dimension.

Turn your attic into a sunroom

Want a place indoors where you can bask in natural light regardless of the weather? A sunroom is one of the best options to consider for a home improvement project. If you have an empty attic, it is the perfect space to transform into a sun-catching room. Not only that you can enjoy spending time here doing some indoor hobbies like reading books, scrapbooking, bird-watching, you may also use it as a working area when you need a change of scenery while working at home.

Install a deck

A deck gives you a peaceful space to hang out outside of your house after work or while working. Building a deck doesn’t only add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, it can also provide a safe and virus-free spot for a family after work get-togethers.

Since the pandemic is far from over, your deck can also be a perfect place to host gatherings instead of going to public places like restaurants and bars. Nothing beats a barbecue and a glass of savory wine with the family gathered on a Friday night.


Upgrade your patio

While the deck sounds an ideal venue for in-work and after-work celebrations and get-togethers, you’ll be surprised how an upgraded patio can provide you an even better spot. Not only it is cheaper to build, but it is also a more versatile subject for renovation. A deck costs between $6,720 -$22,720 to build. While a patio costs only an average of $3,000 for a DIY project.

You can turn your patio into an open-air extension of your living room for extra space your family can enjoy. Or turn it into a luxurious garden room to improve your home’s value and beauty, and to give an elevated new home for your plant flowers.

Upgrade your home office essentials

If you have an old home office set up, now is the perfect time to upgrade! Since you will now spend most of your day working at home, your old office chair won’t provide you the necessary back support to keep you comfortable and in the right position for hours–but an ergonomic chair can.

Are you still using your old office table? Get an adjustable desk to avoid body pain. If you’re working on a laptop, a laptop stand is a must to keep you from hunching forward your laptop while working.

Finish your basement

While outdoor entertainment sounds enjoyable after a tiresome day or week at work, considering the current situation, it is best to spend it with your loved ones indoor. Make this possible by finishing your basement into an entertainment space so that you have a place in your home to enjoy a favorite movie with your partner or spend quality playtime with your kids. You may also opt to invite some close friends or relatives for a game night, just make sure they sanitize properly and are free of the virus.

Decorate with indoor plants

Plants are known to lessen the effects of stress and seeing some on different corners of your house creates an overall increased feeling of well-being.

If a green wall color doesn’t work for you or is just not your taste, try decorating your home office with green plants instead. Studies have found that it also improves one’s overall productivity. Not only that they’re beautiful to look at, but they can also easily raise your spirits on days you’re feeling down.

Surely a COVID-19 vaccine is soon to be discovered but realizing this home upgrades now will not only benefit you by still being productive at work during this pandemic, but it also gives you more options for your weekend family get-togethers in the future hence, improved quality of living.

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