Home Automation is the Future: Why You Need a Smart Home

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There was a time when the only way people could remove the creases from their clothes was by putting burning hot coals inside an iron box with a handle. It wasn’t until the late 1800s when the electric flatiron was invented and revolutionized the way people ironed their clothes.

From then on, iron companies began developing irons with more advanced features such as cordless models, irons that use steam instead of direct heat, or an automatic shut-off to avoid burning clothes when left unattended.

This is only an indication that just because people have grown accustomed to a certain way of living doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. With the growing popularity of smart technology in the 21st century, menial household tasks have been transformed into ones that can be controlled through gadgets.

Having a smart home may seem like something you don’t need to have, but it sure can make your everyday life a lot easier. So before immediately rejecting the idea of automating your home, consider the convenience of having a few minor upgrades in this situation:

The weekend has rolled in and you decided to hold a movie marathon to relieve your stress. It’s still morning, so the sun is high up in the sky and the sunlight is reflecting on your television screen. You’re home alone, and you have a habit of forgetting whether you locked the door or not.

Close the Windows

It’s a hassle to get up from the comfortable spot you already have on a sofa, but it will also be impossible to watch your movie with the sunlight coming in. So you have a decision on your hands — to get up and draw the curtains, or to settle with squinting your eyes.

However, if you had motorized blinds or other window treatments that you can control with your voice or an app from your phone, then you won’t even be facing this problem. You won’t have to choose between sacrificing your eyesight or your perfectly comfortable spot because you can do the task with a few taps on your phone.

open door

Lock the Doors

No matter how many times you go to check if the door is locked, you will still have that unnerving feeling that a burglar can enter your home and harm you because you left the door open. That can be your anxiety putting thoughts into your head, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

One thing that can put your anxious thoughts to rest is by having a smart door lock. This device allows you to control the lock on your doors from wherever you are, even if you’re out of the house. Imagine never having to worry about leaving the door unlocked because you can confirm it through your phone.

Control the Thermostat

The temperature easily fluctuates. One minute, it can be so chilly that you’ll need a fuzzy blanket to keep you warm, and then the next, you’ll be too warm that you want to blast the air conditioning unit. This can be troublesome if you’re in the middle of your movie and you constantly have to pause to get up and adjust the thermostat.

But if you had a mobile temperature control device, then you will no longer have to move from your spot on the couch to control the thermostat. You will be able to easily adjust the temperature from your phone or with your voice, instead of going back and forth with the thermostat.

Hit the Lights

With the blinds drawn closed and the only light coming from your television, it can make your room very dark. This is great in recreating the feel of an actual movie theater, but it can be troublesome if you need to find the remote to pause the film to go to the bathroom.

However, if you had smart LED light bulbs that you can control with your voice, then closing and opening the lights will be so much easier. Imagine not needing to go to the light switch to turn it on or off anymore because you can do so with just your voice.

All these situations may seem like they have obvious solutions, such as getting up and doing the tasks yourself, but smart technology is giving you another way to accomplish them. It’s more about convenience than indolence at this point, and it’s up to you if you will give yourself that privilege.

No one really needs a smart home, but people get them anyway because they can add value to their lives. Whether they are upgrading for convenience, to add security to the house, or simply because they want to, automating mundane processes within your home can improve your quality of life.

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