How Do They Do It? Professional Cleaners’ Tips On Making Your House Look Brand New

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Maintaining a house can be tedious and stressful, especially when it comes to repairs. Replacing sidings or applying waterproof epoxy for your concrete driveway or walkway is both hard to do by yourself and more expensive.

However, home maintenance isn’t just about fixing broken things around the house. A lot of it has to do with keeping it clean and making it look as good as new.

Here are a few things that professional cleaners do to tidy up a house and make it sparkle and shine in only a couple of hours. ;

12 Things Professional Cleaners Do to Make Your Home Sparkle

1. Use rags, not paper towels.

Avoid using paper towels to wipe things because they leave lint across surfaces.

2. Avoid using too many products.

While there are a lot of great cleaning products available in the market, choose only a couple that you find helpful and practical. This saves you time from wiping over excess cleaning agents.

3. Start from the top then slowly go all the way down.

Start with the ceilings, fans, vents, and other things that are higher and harder to reach. Then dust and polish the furniture and decor before vacuuming and washing the floors.

4. Do not let yourself be distracted.

This is especially harder to do when you’re decluttering and going through a lot of your old things. If your goal is to get as much accomplished in as short a time as possible, your trip down memory lane can be done at another time. Focus on the task at hand and get moving.

5. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

All professional cleaners have this in common: they all invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. Since they don’t have time to waste, they need to ensure that their equipment performs exceptionally well which makes their jobs easier to do.

6. Clean in a clockwise manner.

Make the place you start cleaning your 12 o’clock. Then work your way around the room in a circle, sweeping through it clockwise.

7. Light the place up as you clean.

A well-lit place makes it easier to clean because you can see things better and ensures you don’t miss anything.

8. Assemble a cleaning caddy.

What’s a cleaner without their handy cleaning tools? Put together a kit with your essential cleaning tools such as a pair of gloves, brush, and other cleaning agents.

9. Microfiber cloths are your best friends.

Most, if not all, pros claim that their favorite go-to cleaning tool is a microfiber cloth. They take out up 99% of germs and bacteria with only water and are far more effective than the typical cleaning cloth.

10. Don’t put off doing smaller and simpler tasks.

Simply put, stop procrastinating. Take on the small and easy stuff as soon as you can. Wash the dishes. Take out the garbage. Tidy up daily clutter. Get things done.

11. Pay attention to detail but don’t linger on each one.

It’s great to pay attention to details such as cleaning doorknobs, handles, switches, and picture frames but don’t spend too much time on them. Clean them as best as you can, as fast as you can, and then move on to the next item.

12. Set a time limit for yourself.

woman looking out the window

Since most professionals only have about an hour to get the job done, they are more focused when they do their work. Similarly, you need to set a time limit for yourself to motivate you to stick to the task at hand.

We hope that you found these tips helpful. If you have other tips and suggestions, please feel free to write them down in the comments section.

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