Pre-travel Prep: Keeping Your Home Safe Before Going on Vacation

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More countries across the globe are easing travel restrictions. A report from CNN revealed that destinations, such as Jamaica, Dubai, and the Maldives, are welcoming foreign visitors.

When you’re thinking of flying overseas (or driving to a remote location), you could easily about securing your home. Once you arrive at the airport or your country of destination, you might ask yourself questions like, “Did I lock all the doors properly?” and “Have I switched off all the lights and electronic devices?”

Before you leave your home and set off on a fantastic adventure, take steps to secure your house. Here are eight suggestions to prep your home for safety:

Make Your Sliding Doors More Secure

Sliding doors, including cavity sliders, have many benefits. Altro discussed that these entryways don’t take up much space.

Do note, though, that these doors aren’t as secure as traditional entryways. Sliding glass doors, for instance, serve as a huge welcome sign for thieves and other criminals. They advertise the contents of your home.

The good news is that you can reinforce these entryways. Some security features you could install are the following:

  • Security Bars – Look for solid metal bars that you can install easily.
  • Door Sensors – These devices help fend off burglars from your property.
  • Security Window Film – This thin sheet acts as a protective layer for glass doors. It makes glass harder to break.

Ask Trusted People to Keep an Eye on Your House

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, let them know that you’re going on a vacation. Then, ask them if they could look out for your house while you’re on holiday.

You don’t need to get them to do chores for you. Instead, ask that they check for any suspicious activity. They will act as your home’s first line of defense while you’re not around.

If you’re not comfortable asking your neighbors, ask your family and friends to housesit or visit your house a few times a week. Get them to look around your home and see if anything’s out of place. If they come across suspicious activity, make sure that they report them to you and the local authorities.

Hire People to Take Care of Outdoor Chores

An unkempt front yard and a messy driveway are two huge giveaways that the owner is out on holiday. Before you go on vacation, find a landscaping service provider, a family member, or even a neighborhood kid to mow your lawn or clean your driveway.

Conceal Your Valuables from Prying Eyes

Expensive items that are easy to grab, such as jewelry and laptops, are incredibly enticing to criminals. Don’t display these eye-catching items out in the open. Stow them away in a high-quality household.

Apart from locking up physical goods, store items that contain information about you. Some burglars go beyond stealing physical items. They could also steal your identity. If you’re not planning to bring your social security cards, financial documents, and personal IDs, lock them up in a safe.

Install Sensor Lights

Another trademark of an unoccupied or empty house is darkness. Thieves will know that no one’s around when the lights are frequently out. You’ll want to stimulate human presence by installing motion-sensor floodlights that turn on and off at specific times. Alternatively, you could invest in a smart lighting system that you could pre-program and control remotely.

Invest in a Security System

installed cctv camera

If you’ll be flying out of the country or out of the state, install a high-quality security system. Equipping your home with CCTV cameras, smoke alarms, and security signs will help ward off potential intruders.

Avoid Posting Your Holiday Photos and Plans on Social Media

Taking pictures of tourist attractions and then immediately posting them to satisfy your fear of missing out (FOMO) can be tempting. This, however, is not advisable. Sharing your travel pictures immediately after taking them is the same as advertising that your home is empty.

Resist the temptation to post your holiday photos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. Save those pictures on your camera or mobile device and upload them once you get back home.

Keep Your Mailbox Clear

An overflowing mailbox is a strong indication that someone hasn’t been living in that property for a while. If you’re getting mail regularly, ask a trusted friend or a neighbor to collect the mail you receive while you’re on vacation.

These eight suggestions will help protect your home and give you peace of mind while you’re on holiday. By following these tips, you can return home without facing unpleasant surprises.

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