How to Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders

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No one ever expects their home to be broken into, but the fact is that it happens all too often. Even though the number of minor crimes dropped during the pandemic, the restrictions had little effect on major crime rates. So, you need to make your home less appealing to burglars and increase the chances of them being caught if they do try to break in. Here are some tips to ensure your home remains safe from intruders.

Always keep your doors and windows locked

This is a simple step that can hinder a lot of burglars. Most intruders don’t have the time or patience to deal with deadbolt locks and alarm systems, so they’ll simply move on to less complicated targets.

Double-check all your doors and windows before you go to bed at night. Never assume that everything is locked, especially if you recently went on vacation or an out-of-town business trip.

You can also install a security door to discourage potential intruders from entering the home. Welding the door yourself allows you to save money. And after you finish the security door, you can use cleaning brushes for a welder to clean your work. You can use the brush to remove any discoloration caused by the heat from the welding machine.

Install a home alarm system

Home alarms systems are a fairly affordable way to make your house safer. Plus, they’ll offer peace of mind if you happen to be away from the house for long periods. Each system is different, but most include a window sensor, a motion detector, and an entry/exit keypad.

Install safety sensors on your garage If you have a detached garage with access from the inside of the house, it’s extremely important to install safety sensors. Many burglars won’t bother with houses that are protected, so this will send them running in the opposite direction.

Consider installing a security fence

If you have a large backyard, consider installing a privacy fence. It’s not as cost-effective as an alarm system, but it can be well worth the money if it keeps burglars out of your home. Plus, your privacy will be protected from nosy neighbors and inquisitive children.

Know who has access to your home

Burglars love to target homes that are easy to break into. If you have a pool service, gardener, or other contractors on your list, make sure they understand that your security is important. You don’t want them making copies of keys or borrowing tools without letting you know about it.

Teach children the dangers of strangers

Never let your children go off with strangers. Some people may look like regular adults, but they could be dangerous. If your child is in an area where there are no other adults around, teach them to find the nearest adult and start asking for help.

Keep all your personal information secure

a person touching a lock hologram

Burglars will often try to steal personal information from inside of your home. If they can figure out your passwords and PINs, they’ll be able to access all kinds of accounts – including financial ones – that can help them get rich. Keep sensitive documents somewhere safe, and never leave a list of passwords lying around.

Make sure you have a security camera on your front door

Security cameras are a good way for homeowners to keep track of what’s happening in their neighborhood. If you have one on your exterior doors, it will discourage potential intruders from trying to break in.

Install motion-activated outdoor lighting

You can also install motion-activated lights on your exterior doors and around windows. Burglars will try to avoid homes with a lot of outdoor lighting because the chances of getting caught increase dramatically. These lights only add to the security of your home, but you don’t need to worry about too much electricity bill costs when you compare with traditional lighting.

Bring in packages promptly

If you order something online, try to pick it up immediately once it is delivered. If you’re not home when your package arrives, but the delivery person left it on your doorstep, someone else could easily take it away. You can also opt to let the delivery person put it inside of your home.

Burglars often target easy homes to break into, so taking the time to do some of these things can help keep your home safe from intruders. While no security system is 100 percent, having a few deterrents in place will make it much more difficult for burglars to get what they’re looking for. And if all else fails and someone does manage to break into your home, you’ll at least have an alarm system or security camera footage to provide the police with evidence.

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