Clever Living Room Storage Ideas That Will Save You Space

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It’s tricky to have storage and maintain the looks of your living room, with any room at that. A stowing space in the living room can create an awkward vibe, and it can eventually get chaotic if the clutter piles up. Of course, you would want to maintain the level of organization and formality and create a comfortable space at the same time, with easy access to cozy essentials, such as blankets, extra pillows, and even books.

To create adequate living room storage is to mix it up for different things you own. You might want to have spaces for items to display on shelving, which can be mixed up with some decors. Closed storage that hides away things that aren’t supposed to be cluttered in the living room is just as important to sort out.

While those are the basic types of storage you want in your living room, you might also need sneaky storage perfect for small spaces or any other stuff that you can stow out of your way. With that said, here are some storage ideas for your living room.

Adding a window seat with a secret storage

If you’re going to have a seat by the window, why not make it a seat that also functions as storage? There are some choices you can shop in stores, have one built, or you can build one yourself.

It can be easy access to your books, extra blankets, or stock for your essentials. Not only can you have a perfect seat to read on, but you can also have more places for your books as well. You can also use it to stow your or your visitors’ shoes, so they don’t get cluttered on the floor and get in the way.

Installing built-in seats

A seat by the window isn’t the only space for a seat-storage space. You can use your wall to have a seat built where you can also use it as storage. If you have a space near your front door, this is perfect for a place where you can put on your shoes. Not only that, but you can also store shoes in there as well.

Building floating shelves

Taking advantage of floating shelves is a great way to get creative and be forced to be organized as much as possible. Of course, you should find the right spot for them to avoid an awkward look in your living room—may it be above your widescreen TV or modern gas fireplace. You can even place one near the windows, door, or ceiling to create more compartments.

Don’t underestimate wall hooks

Again, depending on where you place them, you can set up hooks where you can hang your and your guests’ jackets. This can be perfect if you have a small space in your home and have nothing left of a coat rack. It’s also additional storage for a bigger living room since you can’t have too much storage.

Opting for double-functional furniture

No matter the size of your home, it’s always a good idea to look into space-saving furniture, especially if you have a small living room or are living a minimalist lifestyle. You can opt for an ottoman, a side table, or a coffee table that doubles as secret storage. There are even space-saving beds that can be convenient if you have a lot of stuff in your bedroom. You can also get an end table where your pet can sleep under it. In this day and age, everything can be possible.

Using exposed spots properly

Sometimes, storage space can just be right under your nose, and you don’t notice it. May it be under your bench or center table. The key here is you have to make it clean and make it look as uncluttered as possible. It may be impractical to clutter spaces, but doing it neatly can still be pleasant to look at.

When in doubt, buy baskets

Whether you need a place to store your TV remote, your extra throw blankets, pieces of wood for your fireplace, children’s or pets’ toys, you can barely make a mistake with baskets. Choosing the right kind and the right size can make your space look less cluttered and more organized. If everything mentioned above is costly, you can start with baskets.

You can never have enough storage. Everyone always has more things to store and stow in their home. As long as you find perfectly pleasant spots for them, the formality and organization can follow. It also depends on what you place there and how you organize your things. Just be sure not to overdo it.

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