The Entry Points for Burglars Are Simpler Than You Think

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We feel protected in our homes. That’s the way it should be. We should sleep soundly. We should be able to binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows without worrying that a burglar is lurking in our midst. But the problem with feeling too safe in our homes is that we become overconfident. We don’t take extra security measures to protect our homes. We assume that we’ll never fall victim to these burglars until it actually happens to us. It can be a traumatic experience for many people.

Movies portray burglaries as well-planned heists. They’re not. They can be as simple as entering your garage doors in Farmington, Utah or wherever you live. They are quick, and sometimes they can happen without even you knowing. You’ll wake up to a house that has been burglarized. You’ll lose many of your valuables and items you have invested in for years.

So how do you protect your home? The first step is understanding the common entry points of burglars. Once you secure these entry points, burglars are most likely going to skip trying to enter your home.

Front Door

Homeowners think that burglars make extra effort to get into their houses. About 32% of burglaries happen because your front door has been unlocked. Whether you’ve forgotten to lock it after leaving for work or before going to sleep, burglars are looking for an easy way in. They also have basic ideas where you put your spare keys, which is under the front-door mat or the flowerpot. If they know that you’re not at home and they cannot find the spare key, they’ll simply kick the door open. When you don’t have a security system, it’s very easy for burglars to get inside your house.

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If you’re in the habit of leaving your windows cracked open or unlatched, then that’s another entry point for burglars. Your neighbors won’t hear the sound of glass breaking. And even if they do, they won’t mind if it happens only once. You should consider changing the window locks and installing a burglar alarm.

Garage Doors

These are prime entry points for burglars, too. Since these are attached to your house, they consider garage locks easier to pick than those of the front doors. When burglars get into your garage, anything can happen. They are now inside your property. Through a connecting door that homeowners usually leave unlock, they can access the entire house. Make sure that your garage doors are made of strong materials. Install a safety lock and alarm, too.

Back Doors

Burglars prefer the back door because they are generally away from the prying eyes of the neighbors. They are also hidden by a tall fence, and some homeowners have the tendency to leave them unlocked. The glass can also be easily broken without anyone hearing it. You should also install a security system for your back door. Invest in strong and durable locks, as well as motion-sensor lights to scare burglars away.

Your number-one priority should be to secure your family and property. Whether you’ve stayed in your current house your whole life or you are about to move into it, make sure to check the locks and the doorknobs. You should also consider setting up even a simple alarm system to boo burglars away.

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