Throw a Backyard Party with These Five Easy Steps

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Throwing a backyard party is fun, but it’s a lot of work, too. If you’re hosting the party, that means that the pressure is on you to provide comfortable seating, great food, amazing music selection, and all the bug sprays in the world to keep those pesky insects at bay. While it can be stressful to organize a backyard party, it’s also one of the most enjoyable occasions that you can host for friends and families. Don’t fret. You don’t have to go crazy over the tiny details. Just focus on the important things, and you’ll be fine.

Clean Up

If your backyard has been serviced by landscapers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then you won’t have anything else to do to spruce up and make the grass look healthier. But if your backyard needs some cleaning and beautifying, you need to call someone to pull the weeds out, water the plants, and mow the grass. Before you even begin to think about chairs, lights, food, and music, make sure that the backyard is going to be a great backdrop for a party. That involves tidying things up.

Find Seats

You probably don’t have enough seats for all your guests. Why would you? You can rent chairs for $1 to $6 each, or you can borrow from your neighbors, whom you should also invite. Make sure that the chairs are waterproof, in case the weather turns bad. You don’t want to ruin a rental or your neighbor’s furniture.

Let There Be Light

Once the sun goes down, your backyard will be enveloped in the dark. That’s such a party pooper. Invest in string lights and hang them above in straight or X-shaped patterns. You can also drape them across tree branches. That will create a more whimsical look. You have to make sure that your guests won’t trip over extension cords. Bend a piece of wire into a U-shape, clip the cord, and push the wire into the ground to secure the cords. You can also opt for tiki torches and candles if string lights are too expensive or too much work.

Beat Bugs

Putting lights up is one way to prevent bugs from infesting your party. But those nasty little ones can dive right into your guests’ drinks. The best way to prevent that from happening is to use cupcake liners to cover your guests’ glasses. Simply poke a hole through the center to get the straw in. The same can be said for your buffet table. Make sure that you have ready covers for the food so that no bugs will get into them.

Amplify Sounds

Having fun at backyard party

You don’t need to rent a sound system to entertain your guests. Your ordinary Bluetooth speakers will do the tricks. But instead of facing the speakers toward your guests, point it toward the wall of the house. This trick will help amplify the sound as it bounces off the wall of the house. You don’t need a super high-tech speaker or amplifier for this.

Throwing a party is all about making your guests feel comfortable. Talk to the ones you see are standing by themselves. Make sure that they feel welcome at the party. Start a conversation that will get everyone involved. Better yet, start some games and ask everyone to join in the fun.

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