Gardening in Spring: How Can You Enhance Your Landscape This Season?

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Spring is coming near. Are you itching to make your garden beautiful again? But if you live in Utah, you might find it hard to maintain your garden since the weather in this state can go from really hot and dry in summer and extremely cold in winter. But don’t let the climate stop you.

Here are some gardening tips to consider.

Cultivate an edible garden

Possibly one of the best types of gardens is an edible one. You can maximize your resources and effort with this type because you can yield food.

For Utah’s climate, the following vegetables are the best:

  • Radish – this thrives during the cool season, but keep it in a sunny spot with well-drained soil and water it regularly.
  • Mustard green – this grows best during spring.
  • Tomato – all varieties of tomatoes love the sun so they’re perfect for Utah; it doesn’t need a lot of watering so you also save on water.
  • Zucchini and summer squash – another set of vegetables that like sunny weather and need less watering.
  • Peas – both snap and snow peas need fertilizer to grow.
  • Corn – its color means it loves the sun; put a lot of fertilizer and water it regularly.
  • Beans – these are easy to grow and you can harvest after every few months.

To help the plants retain moisture, replace some of the soil with topsoil. This will help the plants grow better.

Create A Colorful Flower Garden

flower garden 

Every gardener wants to have a great flowering garden. It’s best to grow a variety of plants that will frame the flowers beautifully.

Look for flowering plants that can stand the heat. For example, dahlias, lilies of the valley, bishop’s weed, and cosmos. These flowering plants are easy to maintain, brighten the landscape, and last a long time.

Water Garden

Instead of creating and maintaining a lawn, why not create a water garden made of stones, plants, and fountains?

The sound of water splashing through a garden can feel peaceful. If your house is near the street, a water garden can dampen the sound of traffic. A water garden will also add moisture to your surroundings despite the heat.

This might be a bit of a big project, though, since it involves a lot of water. But the result could be worth the effort (and the water bill).

Desert Garden

Take advantage of the dry climate, create a desert garden. Use native plants or succulents. Add stones, rocks, and even boulders. Make use of the natural landscape around your house to make your garden blend in with your house’s natural surroundings.

This is a perfect garden for the desert-like climate of Utah. You don’t need to maintain a lot of greenery. You’ll save money and you can save on water too.

A garden can be a big project. Think about the area that you’ll convert into a garden, clear it, choose the type of garden you want, plan the plants you want to grow, and go for it! Soon, you’ll be seeing greenery.

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